Can you change the band on the Fitbit Alta HR?

Best Answer: Yes! The Fitbit Alta HR is designed to be customizable to fit the wearer’s needs, whether it’s stylish and chic or sporty and fun. Fitbit has a variety of different colored bands that come in either the default elastomer material (Classic) or soft, genuine leather. But don’t think that you’re only limited to what Fitbit offers in terms of accessories because there is an entire world out there full of third-party bands and other accessories for the Fitbit Alta HR. And the process of changing bands is as easy as they come.

We found the following on Amazon:

Fitbit Alta HR ($128)

Fitbit Alta HR and Alta Classic Accessory Band Small ($28)

Fitbit Alta HR and Alta Leather Accessory Band Large ($27)

How do I change out the bands?

With the Fitbit Alta HR (along with Alta and Ace), there are two detachable bands at the top and bottom of the tracker itself. All you need to do is turn the tracker over (bottom side up) and find those band latches. These latches are found on each end where the band meets the frame of the tracker.

Once you find those, push down on the flat metal button to release the latch, and then slide the band upwards to release it. Repeat this on the other side. If at any time you are having trouble, or if the band feels stuck, just give it a good wiggle by moving it back and forth. This usually does the trick and the band eventually gets released from the latch.

Get the band that you want to put on, and then slide one part of the band down on the tracker until it snaps into place. Repeat this with the other side. Now you have successfully changed out the band!

So Fitbit sells some band accessories separately?

That’s correct. Fitbit has two versions of bands that they sell for the Alta series: Classic and Leather bands. The Classic bands are made from the same elastomer material that most of their wearables use, whereas the Leather bands feature a soft, genuine leather. The Classic Band costs around $30 normally, whereas the Leather Band is about $60.

They also have some unique limited edition designs, such as the stainless steel Axis, but these are also usually more expensive.

What about third-party options?

Similar to Apple Watch, there are a lot of third-party manufacturers that make bands and accessories for the Fitbit Alta HR. These third-party bands usually offer the same kind of quality for a fraction of the cost of official Fitbit bands.

Are there any differences between bands for the Alta and the Alta HR?

Not necessarily. For the most part, these bands are all compatible with both the Alta and the Alta HR. However, one important thing to note is that the Alta HR requires a more snug fit due to the heart rate monitoring, so it’s not recommended to use loose-fitting bands with the Alta HR.

In fact, we have a roundup of some of the best replacement Fitbit Alta bands that should also work with the Alta HR.

Our pick

Fitbit Alta HR

$128 at Amazon

Customizable and stylish fitness tracker

The Fitbit Alta HR is a great activity tracker that helps you see how many steps you took, how many calories you’ve burned, how good your sleep was, and even checks on your heart rate. And it can be customized with a variety of colorful bands.

The classic

Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Classic Band Accessory

$28 at Amazon

Always in style

The Classic band is made of flexible and comfortable elastomer. This is the default band style and it comes in a variety of colors.

Classy leather

Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Leather Accessory Band

$27 at Amazon

Dress it up for a night on the town

Sometimes you want to dress up a little more formally but still wear your activity tracker. This leather band is made of soft, genuine leather and gives your Alta HR a premium, executive look.

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