Save 20% on this amazing AirPods spinning case you never knew you needed

Turn your AirPods case into one of the best fidget spinners money can buy.

Before you go jumping to any conclusions on this one, hear me out. Apple’s AirPods are one of my favorite sets of headphones, ever, and I find myself playing with the case all the time. Whether just fidgeting with it or constantly opening and closing the lid because it’s just so dang satisfying to do, the habit is so real. Earlier this year, at CES, the ZenPod was introduced, and instantly I saw it was the accessory my hands never knew they needed.

The ZenPod normally sells for $30 and comes in three color options, black with black accents, black with silver accents, and a brown. For a limited time, using the coupon code THRIFTER20 while you check out will save you 20% on the purchase, dropping it down to just $23.99. Since being released mid-January, it has yet to drop in price, so this marks both the first discount, and the lowest price you’ve been able to get one at.

We took a look at the ZenPod and summarized the review by saying:

The quality of the ZenPod case is solid. It’s a nice hard shell case with a leather material outer lining. It fits the AirPod charging case perfectly (and the company has perfected the fit, so it’s much easier to remove than earlier versions).

The spinner feature turns what would have otherwise just been a run-of-the-mill case into one of my favorite AirPods accessories.

There are a bunch of cool AirPod cases on the market right now. Some of them add carabiners, others add wireless charging, and some just make them look really good, but this is quite a unique approach that Air Vinyl Design has taken.

Think of all the times where you have your AirPods case in your hands, and what you do with it while it’s there. Wouldn’t it be more fun and perhaps therapeutic to be able to spin it around and keep your beloved AirPods safe? Don’t already have AirPods by some chance? Pick up a pair for yourself now today and one of these cases, and thank us later.

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