Add a unique mood to any room with 20% off Sengled multicolor smart bulbs

Schedule on-times, ask Alexa, or use the app to control these lights.

A selection of Sengled’s Multicolor Smart LED A19 Bulbs are discounted by 20% at Amazon today, including its two-bulb Starter Kit. Though it normally sells for $80, today you can add it to your cart for only $63.99. Other than a drop to $50 during Black Friday, this is the next best price we’ve seen on the kit. It comes with the Element Hub too.

Using these smart bulbs and the Sengled Home app on your preferred iOS or Android device, you can begin scheduling their on/off times, control them from anywhere in the world, and even shut the lights off from the comfort of your bed at night. If you happen to have a device such as the Amazon Echo Dot, you can even begin voice controlling these lights easily. They can switch between over 16 million colors too, so the ambiance of your room is all up to you.

Other sets of these bulbs are currently discounted too. For instance, you could pick up a four-pack + Element Hub for $113.99, saving a few bucks on each bulb in the process. Now, the Hub is an essential piece to make these bulbs work in your home, but if you already own one, you can leave it out and pick up a four-pack of bulbs for $91.99 or a single bulb for $23.99.

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