Brawl Stars updates: Major brawler balance changes in the January update

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Welcome to our Brawl Stars update hub! We’ll be collecting all of the official balance changes and updates for Brawl Stars as they’re released by Finnish giant Supercell.

If you can’t get enough Brawl Stars, be sure to bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on the latest buffs, nerfs, new game modes, and new brawlers added to the game. Below you’ll find the most recent update, followed by a list of new brawlers as they’re released. Previous Brawl Stars updates can be found at the end of the page.

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Brawl Stars update: The latest

Brawl Stars update: January balance changes

Released: TBD

The first major Brawl Stars update since the global release is here! It mostly contains tweaks to brawler balance and a few notable nerfs. The newest brawler Leon is finally being taken down a peg, with nerfs to both his Super duration and close range damage.

The biggest changes are to the maps themselves. Green bushes no longer respawn on any maps, which will have a major impact on close range brawlers. There are a few smaller adjustments to other game modes, like Bounty game duration, Brawl Ball spawn location, and Showdown poison damage.

Brawl Stars January balance changes patch notes

Balance changes to Brawlers


  • Star Power healing increased to 500 (from 300).


  • Star Power damage per second increased to 300 (from 240).


  • Star Power visibility range increased to six tiles (from four tiles).
  • Main attack damage increased to 480 (from 420).

El Primo

  • Star Power damage increased to 800 (from 600).


  • Star Power healing increased to 300 (from 200).
  • Main attack damage per second increased to 640 (from 600).
  • Super damage per second increased to 640 (from 480).
  • Super bottles now spread across larger area when cast at short range.
  • Damage from multiple Super bottles no longer stacks.


  • Star Power healing increased to 500 (from 400).


  • Star Power shield increased to 40% (from 30%).
  • Main attack damage per shell increased to 280 (from 260).


  • Star Power pet (Tara’s Shadow) damage increased to 400 (from 200).
  • Star Power pet (Tara’s Shadow) health increased to 2400 (from 2000).


  • Super invisibility time decreased to eight seconds (from 10 seconds).
  • Main attack damage at close range reduced to 460 (from 500).


  • Main attack damage increased to 900 (from 800).
  • Super damage increased to 900 (from 800).
  • Star Power now instantly heals for 1800 health upon kill
  • Star Power no longer leaves behind a green skull.


  • Star Power now increases his damage by 40% upon kill.
  • Star Power no longer leaves behind a purple skull.


  • Main attack damage increased to 300 (from 280).

Game mode balance changes

All game modes

  • Green bushes no longer regrow after 35 seconds.

Brawl Ball

  • Spawn location moved inside the goal.
  • Kicking the ball now consumes ammo.
  • Kicking the ball with Super does not consume ammo.
  • Space behind the goal removed on all maps.


  • Player names now empty over 300 trophies instead of displaying “???”.
  • Poison no longer deals damage instantly upon spawning or growing.


  • Game length reduced to two minutes (from 2.5 minutes).

Raid Boss

  • Now shows when the next Boss rage stage begins.
  • One additional rage stage added.
  • Now displays difficulty setting while in-game.

New Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Brawl stars update new brawlers

Like new troops in Clash of Clans and new cards in Clash Royale, Supercell releases new brawlers in Brawl Stars from time to time. Below you’ll find all of the new brawlers released since the game’s global release in reverse chronological order.

New Brawler – Leon

Leon New Brawler Brawl Stars Update

Leon shoots a quick salvo of blades at his target. His Super trick is a smoke bomb that makes him invisible for a little while!

Release date: December 5, 2018

  • Legendary brawler released with December update.

Main Attack – Leaf Blades

  • Main attack fires four blades that do increased damage to close targets.

Super – Smoke Bomb

  • Super makes him invisible for a brief amount of time.
  • Taking damage while Super is active will briefly reveal Leon.
  • Attacking will permanently remove the invisibility.
  • Nearby enemy brawlers will be able to see him, but turrets and pets will not.

Star Power – Smoke Trails

  • Increased movement speed when Super is active.

Brawl Stars Update History

Brawl Stars update: December update

Release date: December 5, 2018

The December update is hitting just before global launch, and it features a number of big changes, including all new 3D maps and a brand new brawlers! The hoodie wearing assassin Leon is a new legendary brawler that does big damage and can go invisible with his super.

In addition to the change to 3D graphics, the user interface also received a number of updates. Bands have been renamed to Clubs, more languages are now supported, and the fourth game type (modifier mode) is now a permanent feature.

Brawl Stars December update patch notes

New Brawler – Leon

  • New legendary brawler Leon.
  • Leon is an assassin that can go invisible with his Super.

Balance Changes


  • Main attack damage increased to 300 (from 280).
  • Super damage increased to 300 (from 280).


  • Super charges from eight dagger hits (down from nine).


  • Health increased to 5200 (from 5000).


  • Health increased to 4400 (from 4200).


  • Reload time reduced to 1.8 seconds (from 2.0 seconds).


  • Super cannon balls no longer shoot randomly.
  • Main attack projectile speed reduced by 6%.


  • Super charges from 13 hits (up from 12).


  • Main attack spikes are less random.
  • Main attack range decreased to 4.33 tiles (down from five).

Darryl Rework

  • Super range decreased to seven tiles (down from 23.3).
  • Super charges in 11 hits (down from 13).
  • Super charges automatically over 20 seconds.
  • Star Power now activates a shield reducing damage by 30% for 3.5 seconds when using Super.
  • Main attack damage reduced to 260 (down from 360).
  • Super attack damage reduced to 400 (down from 640).
  • Health reduced to 4,000 (down from 5,000).

New Skins and Models

  • New Models for Shelly, Bull, Nita, Barley, Dynamike, and Brock.
  • Bandita Shelly, Viking Bull, Panda Nita, Golden Barley, Beach Brock skins have been updated.
  • Star Shelly skin available for free to anyone who plays Brawl Stars before 2019.
  • Wizard Barley skin available for free to anyone who connects a Supercell ID account.
  • Unlocking the Wizard Barley skin also unlocks Barley for players who don’t have him.

3D Environment & User Interface

  • All maps are now 3D environments.
  • Loading screen and user interface have been updated.
  • Map preview button added.
  • Keys renamed to Tokens.
  • Star Keys renamed to Star Tokens.
  • Bands renamed to Clubs.
  • Boss Fight renamed to Big Game.

Game Mode Changes

  • New Modifier Mode – Healing mushrooms.
    • Healing Mushrooms heal players inside their radius.
  • Robo Rumble map adjustments:
    • Robo Rumble map now larger and enemies attack from all sides.
    • High level melee bots no longer charge.
  • Life Leech Mode adjustments:
    • Player-based healing (Barley’s Star Power, Pam’s Star Power) reduced by 75%.
    • Dying from life leech poison now gives full health to the player who caused the poison.
  • Angry Robo Mode changes:
    • Robo can no longer see into bushes.
    • Robo can no longer hide in bushes.
    • Robo now drops five power cubes on death.
    • Pets and turrets can now target Robo.
    • Brawlers can now charge their Super by shooting Robo.
  • Practice mode removed

Social Changes

  • Game Rooms are now called Teams.
  • Anyone in the Team can invite players from their friends list.
  • Players can now send a request to join a team.

Map Changes

  • Gem Grab, Bounty, Heist and Brawl Ball maps are now four tiles wider.
  • Players now spawn behind the goal in Brawl Ball.
  • Players now spawn behind the safe in Heist mode.

Gameplay Changes

  • All brawlers can now cancel attacks to activate their Super.
  • Respawn location indicators added.
  • Brawl Ball aiming direction visible to teammates.
  • Haptic feedback added for when cancelling aiming.

Sound Effects and Music

  • Penny, Pam, and Poco have new voices.
  • New music added.
  • Brawler respawn SFX added.


  • New permanent game mode slot added for Ticketed modes.
  • Modifier game modes are now always available.
  • Free daily item rotation now includes Free Coins, Power Points, Key Doubler and Tickets.
  • Improvements to matchmaking.
  • New languages supported.

That’s all for our Brawl Stars update hub! Be sure to bookmark this article, as we’ll update it over the next few weeks and months with the latest releases! Happy brawling!

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