How to stream The Weather Channel once you’ve cut the cord

The Weather Channel, as seen on DirecTV Now.

Fun fact: There’s a good chance you can’t. Which is crazy.

One of the most obvious things you’ll miss after you cut the cord is The Weather Channel. Seems crazy, right? Almost like it’s a public utility or something. But the simple fact is that The Weather Channel isn’t anywhere near as ubiquitous as you might have though.

And that’s especially annoying when we have things like Winter Storm Jayden headed our way and expected to bring ridiculously cold temperatures to much of the country.

So here, then, is where you can find The Weather Channel if you’ve cut the cord.

You can watch The Weather Channel on DirecTV Now, Fubo, or HDHomerun Premium.

Without getting too into the weeds about why things are the way they are, know this: You can watch The Weather Channel on DirecTV Now, and you can watch it on Fubo, and you can watch it on HDHomerun Premium.

OK, you can maybe watch The Weather Channel on DirecTV Now. As we check our list of DirecTV Now plans and pricing, we find that it’s available on the three highest plans — starting with the $50-a-month “Just Right” plan. If you’re on the $35 “Live a Little” plan, no Weather Channel for you.

The Weather Channel also is available on Fubo. It’s another streaming option that has a couple of main plans — $44.99 a month for 70-plus channels, and $49.99 for 85-plus channels, plus available add-ons. TWC is available on either of those plans.

And as of late-August 2018, you’re able to get The Weather Channel on HDHomerun Premium, a $35-a-month service.

From a traditional streaming standpoint, that’s the only real option you have. It’s DirecTV Now, Fubo, HDHomerun Premium, or nothing.

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Get HDHomerun Premium

Watch The Weather Channel with Chromecast or AirPlay

This is one of those gray areas (OK, it’s not really a gray area), and maybe it’s a little more work than it should be. But whatever.

You can stream a live feed of The Weather Channel’s website in a desktop browser, and then use Apple’s AirPlay or Google’s Chromecast to send that tab over to a TV.

Oh, and a catch — you’ll need to have a cable login (from anyone other than Comcast) to sign in first. Maybe you tripped and landed on one and lo and behold, it works. Whatever. We’re not going to judge too much.

Streaming alternatives to The Weather Channel

Yeah, it’s ridiculous that The Weather Channel isn’t everywhere, because it really should be. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives.

One such option is Local Now. (For which TWC is a weather provider.) It’s not as slick as TWC proper, but it does have the same sort of “Locals on the 8s” thing.

Where to get Local Now? Sling TV has it in both its Orange and Blue plans. There’s also an app for Amazon Fire TV. And there’s also a Local Now channel on Roku, it’s available on Fubo, and it’s coming to YouTube TV at some point. And there are apps for Android and for iOS.



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