How to watch the Super Bowl commercials outside the US

Don’t miss out on the funniest part of the Super Bowl, watch the ads anywhere!

While millions of people will gather around TVs everywhere to watch the Super Bowl this year, there’s always something else that catches the attention of plenty of audience members; the ads.

Super Bowl ads are often huge spectacles, with big budgets and sometimes even bigger stars. Some are funny, some are cute, some are inspirational, but all of them are pretty epic. Sometimes it can be hard to see the Super Bowl commercials outside of the U.S., but there are a few options to people looking to see what brand and companies are selling this year!

CBS and CBS All Access

Since CBS has the broadcasting rights to the Super Bowl this year, if you happen to have the CBS station with your TV provider (likely talking about Canadians here) you can simply tune in to watch the Super Bowl on CBS, and all the Super Bowl ads should be running in their glory.

In turn, CBS’s streaming service — CBS All Access — will also be broadcasting the big game live with all the ads, so you don’t have to miss out. Of course, CBS’s streaming service requires a monthly subscription and is only available in a few countries outside the U.S.

See CBS All Access


VPN’s have long been used to get around geo-locking and keep your internet browsing private and secure. There are a lot of VPN’s that could help you get access to CBS All Access if it’s not available in your country. VPN’s do cost money via a yearly or monthly subscription, but many also have free-trial periods that you could take advantage of for the big game.

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Seriously, a lot of Super Bowl ads end up on YouTube, both before and after the game, and typically they don’t end up geo-locked. If you come across any that don’t seem to be available in your country, you can always look around on YouTube to see if anybody has reuploaded the video in your country, or use a VPN to access the content.

The ad above is from Pringles, and it’s the brand’s Super Bowl ad for this year, and it’s already available on YouTube. Lots of Super Bowl ad YouTube playlists get made each and every year following the game, so chances are there’s a pretty good bet you can watch the ads if you look hard enough.

How do you watch the American Super Bowl ads?

Let us know your favorite way to watch the American ads for the Super Bowl by sounding off in the comments below!

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