Irix Launches Light Pollution Filters to Clear Up Your Night Sky Photos

Irix has launched its new line of EDGE Light Pollution lens filters. The filters are designed to help photographers obtain better results when shooting photos of the night sky.

Irix says the new filters provide more accurate colors, improved contrast, and better overall sharpness and clarity. They do this by removing the yellowish haze emitted by sodium lamps that are commonly used in urban street lights.

Photo by photographer Kuba Witos

The filters are part of Irix’s Super Endurance (SE) line, which means the optical glass in each filter has undergone a special thermal treatment to increase its durability and both sides have received special coatings that further increase the strength.

Other features of the new Light Pollution filters include high-quality optical glass, anti-reflective coatings, NANO coatings that repel water/oil/dirt, a lightweight and durable aluminum filter frame, and a black coating on the frame that reduces flare.

The Irix Edge Light Pollution (SE) filter is now available through select retailers as a 67mm filter for €95 (~$109), 72mm for €107, 77mm for €125 (~$123), 82mm for €135 (~$155), and 95mm for €149 (~$171). You can find a dealer of Irix equipment near you here.

Source of the article – PetaPixel

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