Catalyst Waterproof Case vs. HitCase Splash: Which should you buy?

Here at iMore, we like keeping our iPhones nice and safe, so we’re always on the lookout for the best cases, whether we want a little extra charge with our protection, or are heading out into the elements.

Catalyst Waterproof Case

Slim, strong protection

$90 at Amazon


  • Feels more sturdy overall
  • Fairly easy to remove iPhone from case when not in use
  • Tough protection that’s still slim and light
  • More comfortable in the hand
  • Waterproof up to 10 meters


  • Buttons are fairly stiff compared to HitCase Splash
  • Doesn’t do anything beyond protecting your iPhone

The Catalyst Waterproof case offers your phone a lot of protection against liquids, dust, and impacts, but it’s fairly basic as a case. No camera lens system here. It can withstand dips in the water of up to 10 meters, though, and is dust-proof. It’s also more comfortable in the hand compared to the HitCase Splash, and if you don’t like having your iPhone is a case all of the time, Catalyst has made it easy to remove your iPhone without compromising the protective qualities of the case.

HitCase Splash

Case with a view

$70 at HitCase


  • Tough protection that’s still slim and light
  • Supports external camera lenses
  • Lenses easy to place and remove
  • Buttons feel better compared to Catalyst case


  • More difficult to remove phone from case when not in use
  • Mute switch dial is very stiff
  • Not as comfortable to hold as the Catalyst
  • Only waterproof up to three meters

The HitCase Splash provides a decent amount of protection for your iPhone against water, but it’s not rated for dives as deep as the Catalyst is. The most interesting feature of the HitCase is the lens support, and HitCase makes a number of lenses that magnetically attach over the wide-angle lense camera on your iPhone Overall, the Splash’s buttons are more pleasant to use than those of the Catalyst, though though the mute switch dial is very stiff. And if you don’t like using a case all of the time, just know that this one is a bit more difficult to take apart when you want to take your phone out.

If all you’re looking for is protection, primarily against water, dust, or mud, get the Catalyst Waterproof case. It’s rated to withstand a dip into the water of up to 10 meters, vs the 3 meters of the HitCase Splash. If you want a case that does a little more than just protect your iPhone, check out the HitCase. It’s selection of lenses can help bring out your inner photographer while you’re off on your adventure.

Here’s the breakdown

There are some key differences between the Catalyst Waterproof case and the HitCase Splash. If you’re looking for the maximum protection you can get for your iPhone between these two cases, it’s the Catalyst. It’s more expensive up front, but it provides overall better protection and there are no additional costs associated with the case.

If you want a case that does more than just protect (while still providing excellent protection), the HitCase Splash is a great choice. Your iPhone should be well protected in most scenarios. It’s also less expensive than the Catalyst, though if you want any of the HitCase lenses, be prepared to pay, as the lenses themselves cost $40 each on top of the cost of the case.

Catalyst Waterproof Case HitCase Splash
Water resistance Up to 10 meters (33 ft.) Up to 3 meters (10 ft.)
Dust-proof Yes Yes
Impact resistance Up to two meters (6.6 ft.) Up to two meters (6.6 ft.)
Lightning port covered Yes Yes
Mountable lens system No Yes
Price $90 $70

You really won’t go wrong with either case, but having tested both of them, I just like the Catalyst better. It feels better in the hand, and it just feels more sturdy than the HitCase Splash. If all you want is protection, the Catalyst is the one I recommend. I have no need for additional lenses on my iPhone, so that aspect of the Splash doesn’t appeal to me. But if that appeals to you, seriously consider the HitCase with at least one lens. The superwide lens can get you a lot of fun shots, especially if you take it on an outdoor excursion. Close shots with the macro lens are also really cool.

Catalyst Waterproof case

Slim, strong protection

Strong, no-frills protection in a slim case.

Without adding a lot bulk, the Catalyst Waterproof case keeps your iPhone safe from water, dust, and drops, while still feeling great in your hand and providing complete access to all of your iPhone’s important functions.

HitCase Splash

Case with a view

This rugged case provides offers your iPhone both protection and fun.

While not quite as protective as the Catalyst, HitCase’s rugged Splash case will not only keep your iPhone safe, but make it more fun to use with the option to add one of the company’s magnetically-attaching lenses.

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