Save 79% on a three-year CyberGhost VPN deal – just $2.75 a month

We have tested a lot of VPN services, ranging from the most impressive to the down right terrible. So of the 100s (literally) we've reviewed, it's no mean feat to make it in to the top 5 of TechRadar's best VPN chart. But CyberGhost has earned a spot, and now you can get it for an incredibly low price.

For just $89.90 – the equivalent of $2.75 a month – you can get your hands on three years worth of CyberGhost protection. That works out at roughly 79% off the usual monthly rate ($12.99) or, in other words, a huge saving on one of the most impressive VPNs around.

Go straight to CyberGhost to grab this incredibly cheap VPN deal

Not in the US? Don't worry. Although the listed price is in US dollars, this reduced plan is available to purchase wherever you are. So the $2.75 per month works out at around £2.15, €2.45 or AU$3.90.

With CyberGhost, you're not only getting the ability to mask your IP address but also incredibly fast speeds, access to over 3,500 servers, simultaneous protection of up to seven devices, and integrated apps for your phone, laptop, TV and more.

So if you like the idea of cheap yet effective online protection for the next three years, scroll down to see all of the details of this deal and how to get it. Or if you want to see all your other best-in-class VPN options, check out our best VPN deals guide.

CyberGhost's three-year VPN deal in full

What can you do with a VPN

The main reasons to get a VPN can be broken up into two categories: being safe online and circumventing blocks. In terms of cyber safety, a VPN uses encryption technology to hide or change your IP address so you can't be tracked. So using a VPN can make it far harder for your data to be used by somebody else in the future. 

The second use is a little bit wider in its functionality. VPNs can allow you to work around restrictions online which means watching your favourite channels in other countries, getting cheaper deals on flights and trains and watch any country's Netflix no matter where you are. 

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