It looks like Apple Music support could soon come to Google Home devices

Google Home devices may soon get the ability to stream Apple Music, according to speculation from MacRumors yesterday. The move would follow Apple Music’s rollout to Amazon Echo devices late last year.

The website received an image showing Apple Music as a streaming option within the Google Home app (below). The image came from a reader tip, but MacRumors said it was also able to find the listing in the Google Home iOS app, and that it no longer says “only available on iOS devices.” The service couldn’t be linked to a Google Home device at the time, but it looks like that may well change

AN image of the Google Home app showing Apple Music support. MacRumors

Despite Apple Music being one of the world’s biggest music streaming services, and Google Home supporting others like Spotify and Pandora, Apple’s platform hasn’t been available on the Google Home since it launched in November 2016.

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Major technology companies tend to be wary of supporting competing products on their platforms, and Google has its own music streaming service — Google Play Music — which competes with Apple Music. It seems like Google and Apple may have now struck a deal, though.

We can only speculate as to when this would roll out but with the infrastructure said to already be there in the app, it’s probably close to launch.

Source of the article – Android Authority
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