Un’kuppd Pour-over Coffee subscription box is Gourmet convenience

Everything you need for single-serve pour-over coffee is in the box.

Un’kuppd is an all-inclusive subscription box for pour-over coffee, one cup at a time. It’s sourced with specialty-grade coffee from around the world. Un’kuppd takes the guesswork out of pour-over coffee, making it easy and fun to make a cup of delicious coffee in minutes. No special equipment is needed, just your mug and hot water.

Un’kuppd Pour-over Coffee

Price: $50 per month

Bottom line: Un’kuppd is upscale pour-over single serve coffee in a monthly subscription box.

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The Good

  • Delicious
  • Specialty-grade coffee
  • Great way to try new coffees
  • Conveniently shipped to you each month
  • Fast and easy
  • No special equipment needed

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Not recyclable

All in one single serve

Un’kuppd Pour-over Coffee: Features

Un’kuppd coffee arrives on your doorstep with everything you need to make 14 cups of specialty-grade coffee. You don’t need any equipment besides hot water and a mug. Each envelope contains a pour-over origami-style filter filled with coffee.

The coffee packets are nitro-sealed for freshness. It is not instant coffee, it’s ground specialty-grade coffee. Specialty-grade means that the green coffee beans have scored at least 80 points on a 100 point scale. The folks at Un’kuppd make the effort to discover new roasters each month that are doing interesting things.

You’ll heat six ounces of water to 200˚ F, which is just off the boil. If you don’t have a thermometer, you just boil your water and then take it off the heat for about half a minute. Open the envelope, and tear open the top of the filter. Pull out the wings from the side of the filter and hang them over the edges of your mug. Pour a little bit of water onto the coffee, just enough to let the coffee bloom for a moment. Continue pouring in the water until it all filters through.

Un’kupped coffee is a fun and delicious way to try new specialty-grade coffees each month.

It’s quick and easy; not quite as fast as a Keurig or other one-cup machine, but the coffee is substantially better. I like my coffee strong, and this brews a strong cup. If you want a larger, weaker cup of coffee, you can, of course, use more water.

Un’kupped sent me four different coffees to try out. The chocolate-themed box included Copper Cow Vietnamese and Freshdrip Brazil. The Vietnamese had notes of dark chocolate. Though I could not have identified the notes in a blind taste test, this coffee was amazing. The Brazilian coffee had notes of milk chocolate. While it was hard for me to identify the specific notes, I thoroughly enjoyed this one as well. They also sent single-origin coffees from Columbia and Ethiopia, which were good but not as good to my personal taste as the blends.

Quality and convenience

Un’kuppd Pour-over Coffee: What I like

Tastewise, nothing I’ve gotten from a Keurig compares to Un’kuppd. I do have a mini Keurig machine for when I have guests who want decaf or other specialty coffees I don’t drink myself. For about the same amount of time and just slightly more effort, you get much better coffee with Un’kuppd.

Pour-over coffee is a whole rabbit hole you can dive into, with tons of recipes and instructions for the perfect cup all over the internet. For someone who is thinking about moving up from a Mr. Coffee or Keurig and getting into pour-over, Un’kuppd would be a great introduction.

You can order just a single box and then cancel if that’s all you want. If you do nothing, the subscription will auto-renew and you will get a new box each month.


Un’kuppd Pour-over Coffee: What I don’t like

There’s no getting around that this is an expensive way to do coffee. It does cost more than using a single-service coffee machine such as Keurig or Nespresso. Each envelope comes out to nearly two dollars. Given that the output is just about six ounces, you’re probably not saving money over going to your local coffee shop. The Un’kuppd guys are working on making each cup slightly larger — eight ounces instead of six — but this is still a fairly pricey cup of coffee. Buying your own gourmet beans and using a coffee machine or pour-over cone would be cheaper.

While they are working on a way to make the filter itself recyclable, as of now, it is not. So I’m not sure if there is much less waste produced here as opposed to other single serve options. You can compost the coffee itself, but you’re still left with the packaging and filter.

Fun and delicious

Un’kuppd Pour-over Coffee: Bottom line

4 out of 5

I don’t think this will end up being my daily coffee fix, but it would make a fantastic gift for any coffee lover, especially someone looking to get into pour-over coffee. Un’kupped coffee also makes a great travel coffee, whether you’re camping, boating, or staying in a rental property. It would also be a nice item to keep at work if you like better, fresher coffee than whatever’s sitting in the communal coffee urn.

An Un’kuppd subscription would also be an amazing treat to yourself. Opening that themed box and trying new coffees each month is undeniably fun.

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