Watch TV with a 35-mile range using AmazonBasics’ antenna for $14

HD TV for free.

The AmazonBasics 35-mile indoor TV antenna is down to $14.38 on Amazon. That’s a super inexpensive price for any cord cutters out there looking for a way to watch TV without a cable subscription. The antenna normally sells for around $20, and this is one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen on it.

If you live anywhere near an urban center and have broadcast towers near you, the 35-mile range should be enough. You can use this reception map to see how it will work from your location. Whatever signals your antenna can reach, that’s what you’ll get to watch for no more than the price you’re paying today. It can pick up HD channels like ABC, NBC, PBS, Fox, and more, giving you the opportunity to watch your favorite networks in 1080p. It has black and white sides and can even be painted if you want. The coaxial cable is 10-feet long.

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