Increase your reading speed and comprehension with this leading tool

BeeLine Reader

Have you been meaning to read Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings for the last 15 years, but get discouraged by the page count? Does it take you so long to get through your work emails that you panic and wait for your inbox to fill up?

BeeLine Reader will help you overcome that phobia by increasing your reading speed and comprehension by up to 20 percent. Right now a lifetime subscription is less than 30 bucks.

BeeLine Reader has won awards from Stanford, Dell, and the Tech Museum of Innovation. It’s been featured in publications like The Atlantic, and was recently adopted by the California Public Library System.

Increase your productivity and your reading comprehension.

This browser-based tool uses an eye-guiding color gradient to help you read more quickly without accidentally skipping lines or losing your place. You’ll be able to burn through books, work emails, training manuals, and more with ease, increasing both your productivity and your reading comprehension.

Normally a lifetime subscription to BeeLine Reader sells for $220, but right now you can save 86 percent and start using BeeLine today for only $29.99. Click the button below to get started.

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