Take your Switch on the go with these car seat mounts and holders

The Nintendo Switch is a great distraction for car rides long or short. But while an older child or teenager might be able to play easily in the car by holding the Switch, multiple backseat passengers or younger kids will need some assistance to play or watch shows easily on the device. That’s where a good car seat mount and holder comes into play — you can mount the Switch to the back of a seat, pass out the controllers, and enjoy a distraction-free car trip while everyone in the back seat enjoys Mario Kart.

Best all-around pick

Fyoung Tech Car Headrest Mount

Staff favorite

One of the cheapest car seat mounts for the Nintendo Switch also happens to be the best. Fyoung Tech’s mount is extremely easy to install around the headrest of a front seat and is nice and sturdy, so it won’t break with multiple removals and installations. The mount can be rotated so that passengers of different heights can view it easily, and it’s also adjustable to fit other tablet devices besides the Nintendo Switch.

$11 at Amazon

To get them to stop fighting

Macally Headrest Mount Holder

One disadvantage to a lot of Nintendo Switch car mounts is that they only mount to the back of one seat. That can be frustrating if you have two or three or even more passengers. Macally’s mount only mounts to one seat, but is extendable to the side so it can sit in the very middle between the two front seats and be more visible to all back seat passengers. The downside to this mount is that it’s on the pricier side, and it can inhibit the view of those in the front seat if they want to check on those in the back.

$20 at Amazon

For more security

APPS2Car Universal Headrest Tablet Mount

APPS2Car’s universal mount is adjustable, can fit a wide variety of different tablets, and mounts to the same area on a front seat headrest. The advantage to APPS2Car’s mount is that it’s considerably more secure on the headrest, using screw mounts and fitting very tightly against the seat. It also allows a pair of Joy-Cons to remain attached while mounted. This mount may be a good upgrade if you anticipate bumpy roads or kids accidentally knocking the Nintendo Switch around.

$13 at Amazon

A soft, backseat option

TFY Car Headrest Mount Silicon Holder

For a bit more money, TFY sells a mount that’s excellent for those concerned about plastic mounts damaging their Nintendo Switch. This mount is made of silicon netting that’s stretchy and wraps around the Nintendo Switch, then secures to the back of a headrest. Another advantage to this mount is that it also works well around backseat headrests that sometimes don’t have adjustable metal bars for other mounts to latch onto. If you have a very young child in a rear-facing seat and want to turn on a children’s YouTube or Hulu program, you can also mount your Switch that way.

$19 at Amazon

Quick release and Joy-Con attachment

Olixar Car Mount

The most expensive car mount for Nintendo Switch on this list is this option from Olixar. It’s very similar to the APPS2Car mount, using screws to attach to the back of a headrest for a secure fit, and the Joy-Cons are able to remain attached to the system if you desire while the mount is in use. The element that sets the Olixar apart is its quick-release function, making it easy to remove the Nintendo Switch without twisting a lot of parts or taking the whole mount down.

$20 at Amazon

All of these mounts are decent choices — it just depends on your individual car situation. One important thing to note is that while all of these mounts are designed to work on most cars, some will not simply due to odd designs of seats, and you may need to try a different one instead. If you’re just looking for a cheap, basic option, the Fyoung Tech Car Headrest Mount is a great, easy choice that won’t give you too much trouble and will set your backseat passengers up for a long road trip and hours of Nintendo Switch play.

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