Tired of your Switch battery? Try one of these backups

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Nintendo did a great job delivering a powerful console in a form you can actually carry around comfortably, but that means the battery isn’t exactly the experience many remember from the Nintendo 3DS days. Luckily, there are battery packs you can use to charge your Switch several times over, including this one from Anker, meaning you can get days of gameplay without touching the dock.

Our Pick

Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD

$130 at Amazon

A USB-C for the long haul.

Your Switch is now able to play for 21 hours when connected to this battery instead of the 3-4 hours it gets on its own.

Why you should buy this battery

It’s a great battery for road trips, extended flights, or just keeping in the car to top off when you need. The additional USB ports can be used while you are charging your Switch, which means you can also use this to charge your phone, tablet, controller, or anything else you can think of. At $130 it’s not a cheap battery, but it’ll keep your playing your Switch for quite a while.

The key to its success is how much energy can be output via the USB-C port. This battery is rated at 30W output through that port, something most batteries cannot do. That means while many other batteries will charge your Switch slowly, this is one of few that will keep your Switch at 100 percent until you disconnect.

Is it a good time to buy the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD?

Absolutely. This battery is fantastic and has already been available for quite a while. This means it has already seen a couple of price drops but isn’t ready to be replaced anytime soon.

Reasons to buy

  • Easily stored in a case
  • USB-C PD outputs fast
  • Recharges the Switch 4X before needing more power

Reasons not to buy

  • Heavy
  • Inconvenient to carry without a case

Why the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD is the best

Ultimately, it’s a combination of price and the “PD” part of the name. USB-C has a feature called Power Delivery, which is frequently shortened to PD in descriptions. USB-C PD means it can output at higher power levels, which your Nintendo Switch needs in order to charge while you’re playing it. Without Power Delivery, most batteries can’t actually provide more energy than the Switch consumes when playing a game. That means your Switch will run out of power slower, but it will still eventually run out of power when connected to an average battery.

Not only is the Anker PowerCore+ huge, but it can also push out that energy with enough current to keep your Switch topped off even when jamming along in Zelda.

Your Nintendo Switch is great for a couple of hours away from the dock, but then it needs power. The fastest way to charge your Switch is usually to put it back in the dock because Nintendo’s included power adapter has some special features to charge your Switch battery quickly but safely. It turns out you can get very nearly as close to the same charge rate if you use a USB-C battery with Power Delivery.

Alternatives to the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD

Not everyone wants a big-honkin’ battery. Sometimes all you want is something you can slide in your pocket, or clip on to the back so it’s all one piece with the Switch. These alternatives not only exist, but they’re pretty good.


Mophie Powerstation XXL

$150 at Amazon

Striking a balance between portable and capable is a challenge, but the folks at Mophie did a great job with the Powerstation XXL.

You can buy giant batteries to power your Switch multiple times over, but you may not be super happy about carrying it around places. These batteries are often heavy or oddly shaped, making them difficult to fit in a pocket or small carrying case for your console

Portable pick

Antank Portable Switch Backup Battery

$37 at Amazon

If you don’t want to worry about cables, this is your best bet for a Switch battery.

This backup is specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch, so at least you know it’ll work. It also provides extra protection for your device in case you drop it.

It’s official!

Anker PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition

$159 at Amazon

This is the official Nintendo-licensed power bank on the market, so it will definitely charge your Nintendo Switch while you play.

This PowerCore battery pack from Anker is officially licensed by Nintendo, so you know it will work properly with your Switch. It packs in 20100mAh of power (slightly less than the PowerCore+ 26800 PD), but also has Power Delivery, and there is a smaller (13400mAh), cheaper version if you don’t need as much juice.

Bottom Line

When you combine power output, price, and design, this battery quickly becomes the best option for just about every situation. Not only is the Anker PowerCore+ huge with its 26,800mAh capacity, but it can also push out that energy with enough current to keep your Switch topped off even when jamming along in Zelda. That’s why we recommend it above everything else.

Our Pick

Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD

$130 at Amazon

The only USB-C battery pack you need

With the PowerCore+ 26800 PD, you’re getting a juicy power bank that will give your Switch an extra 21 hours, versus the 3-4 hours it gets on its own. Plus, you can even use this for all of your other USB-C devices, so it’s incredibly versatile and will last a very long time before you even need to recharge it.

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