Just get AirPods? Here’s our ultimate guide on everything you need to know!

How do you set up, configure, and use your Apple AirPods with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Apple TV, and more? Like this!

AirPods are the future of headphones, at least as far as Apple is concerned. Each one has a W1 chipset that allows for easy pairing and rock-solid audio sync, an accelerometer to register tap controls, an infrared sensor so they know when they’re in your ears and when they’re out, and beam-forming mics so your voice comes through loud and clear.

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AirPods Buyers Guide

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How to pair your AirPods

Thanks to that W1 chipset, connecting to your iPhone is a breeze, your Apple Watch is automatic, and even your iPad and Mac will share the pairing thanks to iCloud sync.

How to configure your Apple AirPods

Once connected, you can change your AirPods’ name, set the double tap shortcut, toggle ear detection, and even choose how the mics work.

How to use your AirPods

AirPods have no physical buttons. You can, however, double tap the entire earbud to either invoke Siri or to play/pause audio. If you use Siri, though, you can use the power of your voice to play and control almost anything you can think of.

Take care of your AirPods

Once you’ve got a set of AirPods, make sure you take care of them! Here’s how to clean your AirPods, make them your own, and even find them in strange places — like the snow!

AirPods in real life

How do AirPods fare when you use them with a non-Apple device, or while exercising? Here are some of our real-world tests with Apple’s earbuds.

Troubleshooting AirPods

Having problems with your AirPods and their battery life? We’ve got a few suggestions.

Any other AirPods questions?

If you have any additional questions about buying, setting up, or using your AirPods, drop them in the comments.

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