Sylvania’s smart LED strip can add a glow behind your TV at nearly 60% off

Create a unique feel in any room with over 16 million color options.

Sylvania’s SMART+ Full Color LED Flex Strip Kit regularly sells for around $45 on average at Amazon, but today you can grab one for just $18.99 for the first time ever and start switching up the look of rooms in your home at a discount. Until today, we hadn’t even seen them fall below $30 there.

Light strips like these are perfect to set up behind your TV, computer, or in darker areas of your home. Once installed, you can easily control the strip, including its brightness, color, and more all from your smartphone from anywhere in the world. That means you never have to worry about losing the remote, either. It allows you to select from over 16 million colors as well as adjustable white color temperatures from soft white to natural daylight. This pack includes three 2-foot strips which can be expanded with more LED flex strips for less than $10. You’ll need to purchase the starter pack above first though.

Unlike similar options such as the Philips Hue LightStrip, this smart LED strip doesn’t require a hub for use. It’s HomeKit-enabled too, which lets you voice control your lights using Siri. That also makes it easy to control and schedule these lights using your Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad.

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