6 cool Nintendo Switch controllers to celebrate your gaming fandom

Sure, you could just play with your plain old ordinary controller. However, why get stuck in gaming doldrums when you can game with a little personality. Everyone has their favorite gaming property and fortunately there are all sorts of controllers that you can get for your Switch that might just show that love off to your friends. Here are six of the coolest branded controllers you can pick up for your Switch.

A controller for Inklings

Splatoon 2 Pro Controller

Staff Pick

Take your Splatoon fandom to the next level with this special edition Pro Controller. This baby features all the benefits of a pro controller while proving your commitment to ink slinging.

$90 at Amazon

Fly your Zelda flag

PowerA wired Zelda Controller

Power makes some reasonably priced alternatives to the Pro Controller. This one has a nice subtle branding which will show your love for the Zelda franchise and even has some stylish gold accents.

$24 at Amazon

For your Smash Bro

Smash Bros. Ultimate Pro Controller

If you want to go all in with a Pro Controller and you also happen to be a big fan of the Smash Brothers franchise, then this is most certainly the controller for you. This striking black-and-white controller will let everyone your throw down with know that you are not to be toyed with.

$99 at Amazon

Party with Mario

Mario themed PowerA wired controller

Do you want to make sure you have a soft spot in your heart for the classics? This controller will get you there. For a price you can’t beat with a stick you can be showing off with this classy red controller that offers a subtle pattern that tips the plumber’s cap to the main man himself.

$29 at Amazon

A controller fit for a Princess

Chrome Princess Peach wired controller

Looking for something with a little splash and dash? If that’s the case, you might want to take a look and this pink chrome controller for your Switch. It has a stunning mirrored finish that will ensure it’s easy to find when you leave your controller in another castle.

$47 at Amazon

For the Hyrulian hero in all of us

Chrome Zelda wired controller

What better way to prove your Zelda fandom than with a blue chromium controller emblazed with the Wingcrest. You can also use it to blind your gaming opponents by reflecting a beam of light into their eyes. Now that’s what I call a bargain.

$40 at Amazon

If you want a controller for your Switch that will broadcast a specific love to the world, there are plenty of options available. I personally own a Splatoon Pro Controller but you can pick up the controller the best represents your individuality and belief in personal freedom.

Source of the article – iMore

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