Make your AirPods Charging case personal with one of these custom stickers!

AirPods are a pretty great accessory from Apple. They’re completely wireless, connect to your iOS and Mac devices like magic, and they do cool things like pause your audio immediately when you take one out of your ear, and you can activate “Hey, Siri” just by speaking into it with the latest iteration. Plus, the charging case they come in are small, compact, and you definitely know what’s inside them when you see them. But with all of us having AirPods, how can we distinguish ours from everyone else’s in just a glance? With stickers, of course! Here are some great options to consider if you’re in the mood to accessorize your AirPods Charging Case, whether it’s the standard case or the Wireless Charging Case.

A great podcast network

Relay FM “Hackett & Hurley” Enamel Pin & AirPod Sticker 2-Pack

Staff Favorite

RelayFM is one of our favorite podcast networks, because they have many informative shows on tech, space, and other random topics. This pack gets you two of their popular “Cool Fresh Shows” stickers, as well as an awesome, high quality enamel pin. These are usually on a limited run in terms of color (the past offerings had green and red), so if you like this icy blue one, pick it up quick before they move on to the next color!

$20 at RelayFM

Like Tic-Tacs

Apple AirPod Case Decal – Tic Tac Mints

AirPods Charging Cases look like you could fit some candy or mints in them, so why not make it live up to it? These decals turn your Charging Case into a pack of AirPod mints, and you can even choose your favorite flavor (you get all four in one sheet): Original, Fresh, Cool, and Cool Fresh. Watch heads turn as they ask you for a Tic Tac!

$10 at Amazon

Your favorite designer brand

Vinyl Skin Decal for Apple AirPods

Do you like Nike, Supreme, or Louis Vuitton? This vinyl wrap comes in many different designs that feature the Nike, Supreme, and LV logos in different colors and patterns, and they’ll definitely help your AirPods stand out from the crowd.

$14 at Amazon

Personable and a warning

kwmobile Stickers for Apple AirPods

Want to distinguish your AirPods from someone else’s while also putting a warning on them? These cute stickers from kwmobile add a face to your AirPods Charging Case with the warning of “Don’t Touch My Pods,” so hopefully others heed that warning! The stickers also go on the AirPods themselves to make them easier to notice. There are different patterns and designs available if you want to be a bit more friendly.

$10 at Amazon

Remember to floss!

Apple AirPod Decal – Dental Floss

You’ll often hear that the AirPods Charging Case looks like dental floss. You know, that stringy teeth stuff that comes in a white case? Why not disguise your AirPods as some dental floss with these stickers? They’re reminiscent of Oral B brand and will definitely make people think twice when they see you whip out your AirPods from a case of floss.

$10 at Amazon

Cute and original artwork

JIAJUN City Life Decal for AirPods

This vinyl decal depicts a city life doodle that is rather cute and full of the bustling city life that you’d come to expect. If you’re a city person, then this vinyl decal is perfect for you. It wraps all the way around your AirPods Charging Case and will protect it from scratches.

$8 at Amazon

First-aid, anyone?

Apple AirPod Decal – Band Aid Bandages

AirPod Charging Cases kind of look like a lot of hygiene products, don’t they? Now you can turn your AirPods Charging Case into a pack of Band-Aid Bandages, or so they thought! This sticker replicates the Band-Aid brand fairly well, and comes in four different designs so you can take your pick. And remember to share the love!

$10 at Amazon

Batter up!

Skin Decals for AirPods – Baseball

Baseball season is here, and this vinyl decal for your AirPods Charging Case gets you in the spirit! It’s a high resolution, full-color printing, and the red stitches are perfect accents for the white on the charging case itself. It turns your Charging Case into a baseball, which is pretty neat. There are also stickers to put on the AirPods themselves, giving them a nice splash of personality.

$7 at Amazon

Meow, meow, meow!

Moody Cats Sticker Wrap for Apple AirPods

If you love cats, then this Moody Cats vinyl sticker wrap is perfect. It features an original printing of various cats expressing different emotions, and is definitely adorable. It’s perfect for all cat lovers.

$7 at Amazon

Pay tribute to a classic

Apple AirPod Case Decal – iPod Classic Wheel

The iPod changed the way we listen to music, and now the AirPods are just as iconic. These stickers look like the classic clicking wheel on the old iPods that we used to use for music, and it definitely fits the aesthetic. You get four different colors to choose from to suit your mood.

$10 at Amazon

Cherry blossoms all year round

Pink Tranquility Sticker Wrap

It’s the season for cherry blossoms, but they disappear just as fast as they bloom. But this calming sticker wrap for your AirPods Charging Case brings the cherry blossom tranquility to you, and you can have a sense of calm all year round! Plus, the pink is a fantastic accent color against the white.

$7 at Amazon

The golden age of gaming

Retro Horizontal Sticker Wrap

This awesome little sticker wrap for your AirPods Charging Case resembles the old Nintendo Entertainment System. Relive the golden age of gaming with this sticker. It’ll definitely be a conversation starter when you pull it out at the next gaming convention.

$7 at Amazon

There are many options out there for stickers for personalizing your AirPods Charging Case, but these are some of the cooler ones we stumbled upon. I personally love the “Hackett & Hurley” Cool Fresh Shows sticker, as the design is truly unique and looks great. I’ve gotten several compliments with my old red sticker that I’ve bought in the past.

Source of the article – iMore

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