What you need to know about Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership

If you have some questions about the Nintendo Switch Online family plan, we have answers!

Perhaps you have heard some things about the Nintendo Switch Online family plan and are wondering if it’s something you should even consider. It’s actually a really great deal and if you’re going to sign up for the Nintendo Switch online service anyway, it’s probably the best deal available.

What is it?

The Nintendo Switch Online family plan is not unlike so many other services that offer a family option. For a lower price, you get the opportunity to group up a handful of friends or family into one bundle. Rather than paying for a multitude of individual plans, you get a bunch of them for one payment.

How many people can I get on one plan?

The price point is what makes the family plan such a great option.

Nintendo’s actually made it pretty generous in regard to the number of people you can have under one plan. For one price you can have yourself and seven other people signed up under one payment. If you have a few people in your household that are Switch users it’s definitely something to consider.

How much does it cost?

As far as I am concerned it’s the price point that makes the family plan such a great option. The individual membership costs $20 for the full year. However, a family membership costs $35 for a full year. That means that each person on the plan pays less than $5 for a full year of access to Nintendo Switch Online. When compared to the individual membership, that is a savings of about 75 percent.

OK, I’m convinced. Where do I sign up?

Getting your family setup to use Nintendo’s online services is easy. All you have to do is head over to the Family Group page on your Nintendo account. Once you are there you can add all the members you want on the online plan. That’s it, you and your loved ones are now ready to play online!

From everything thing I have seen, the family membership plan is most decidedly the way to go. You get everything out of the online service that you would otherwise but for a much lower price.

If you don’t have enough folks to make a family membership worth it, you can always stick to the single membership. If you are going to lone wolf it, you can head over to Amazon and get a year membership for $20 right now.

Family fun

Switch Online family plan

$35 at Amazon

Bargain cost for groups

The ability to add up to seven more players to your Switch Online account is a huge deal! To be able to do it for only $15 more than a single plan is an even huger deal. Well done Nintendo.

Are you going to be using the family membership or are you going solo?

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