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How to make sure your phone (and you!) is ready for Wizards Unite

Wizard’s Unite is one of those games that will mean using your phone for longer than normal periods of time. You will be out in all weather fighting evil forces and protecting the Wizarding World from exposure to the Muggles. All of this adds up to you needing some extra equipment to look after your phone and yourself! The Harry Potter-themed power bank is a great start and will give you the power you need to keep playing for as long as you want.


Harry Potter themed power bank

Our Pick

This may not be the most powerful power bank ever but it should give your iPhone enough extra juice to get you through a Fortress or two. And it has the Hogwarts symbol on it! That’s worth the price right there.

$15 at Amazon

Oculus Reparo

Whitestone Glass Dome iPhone XS screen protector

When you spend a lot of time looking for Traces while walking around the real world, the chances of you dropping your phone increase dramatically. Protect your screen with one of the best on the market, a Whitestone Dome.

$50 at Amazon

Cave inimicum

Hogwarts phone case

Show your love of the Potterverse and protect your phone with this beautiful faux-leather case. The Hogwarts crest burns bright on the front and back with plenty of room inside for some cash and cards too.

$10 at Amazon

Vulnera Sanentur

Anker Powercore 13000

For those of us who want to spend hours playing Harry Potter, a smaller power bank may not cut it. The Anker Powercore is a powerful charger capable of charging an iPhone X four times or two iPhone X devices twice. Plenty of time to battle the forces of darkness.

$40 at Amazon


Hogwarts house Popsocket

While not everyone likes to use Popsockets, there are advantages to them. If you don’t want to use a case you can rep your house, and have a secure way to grip your phone while walking.

$15 at Amazon


Harry Potter ihome headphones

Show your love of Harry Potter to the whole world, while shutting that same world out with these funky headphones from iHome. Designed with phones in mind, it comes with a mic so you can easily answer calls, even while you’re hunting Foundables around the city.

$25 at Amazon


Quidditch Trunk 3 Pack Crew Socks

If you are wandering around fighting werewolves at night, you’ll need to keep your feet warm! There are even spares if you need to free a house elf!

$24 at Amazon

Arresto Momentum

Harry potter watch straps

Finish the entire look of your Harry Potter wardrobe with this beautiful watch strap from CASETiFY. It’s subtle and very, very nice.

$52 at CASETiFY


Harry Potter replica wand

If you are going to be out there choosing Hogwarts houses and casting spells you should probably have a wand. These wands by Noble Collection are beautiful and much cheaper than the ones at Warner Bros. Studio and Universal Studios!

$38 at Amazon

Capacious extremis

Deathly Hallows backpack

Keep that power bank and wand away when Muggles are about! This small shoulder bag is perfect for carrying your small items while you walk the street, and maybe a snack as well?

$25 at Amazon


AmazonBasics Lightning cord

You don’t ever want to take your only charging cord with you when you go Foundable hunting. Use this strong, braided Lightning cord to charge your phone on the go.

$13 at Amazon

Accio favorites!

If like me, you are as excited as “Hagrid seeing a monster for the first time” about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, then you will want to be prepared. Despite all the fun things on here, the Harry Potter-themed power bank is one of the most important for playing games out in the world. When you play for hours your phone battery will drain away at double time. Make sure you stay topped up so you can keep playing!

Don’t forget your screen protection though. The Whitestone glass is the best in its class for protecting your iPhone and the Trunk of Socks are just the best for your feet!

Source of the article – iMore