Manage big projects for companies as a Scrum specialist for $39

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The Complete Learn To Scrum Bundle

Companies of all sizes rely on project managers to ensure punctuality and stay within budget. That’s why many project management positions tend to pay upwards of six figures.

As one of today’s best deals, this is your chance at a slice of the pie with the Complete Learn To Scrum Bundle for only $39.

Scrum is the offshoot of the ever so popular Agile methodology. This bundle houses five separate parts, each contoured to address essential topics on Scrum and all the nuances involved in project management.

The Complete Learn To Scrum Bundle What's Included

The best part is you can train at your own pace and all in the comfort of your own home — a logical alternative to those who can’t afford the time and money for formal education.

Large scale projects require fluid communication between team members and clearly defined goals to achieve victory. By the end of the training, you’ll learn what it takes to smoothly cradle a project from A to Z successfully. Your resume and career prospects will have never looked rosier.

The Complete Learn To Scrum Bundle:

Adding up the individual kit together would run you over $1,100, but this could be your lucky day if you react quickly. Right now you can get the whole thing over at Tech Deals for only $39.

Don’t let this prime opportunity slip away, hit that button below to begin.

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