Get the best Samsung Galaxy S10e deal we’ve ever seen – 100GB of data for just £24/pm

Three has gone big with its latest offers, so big that we're quite happy to not only call this the best Samsung Galaxy S10e deal we've ever seen but also one of the best mobile phone deals around right now.

Now that's a pretty big statement and one that is easy to doubt but let us explain why it deserves that accolade. Firstly, this is the cheapest Galaxy S10e offer out there, coming in at a price of £25 a month and £29 upfront, most of the other Galaxy S10e contracts would cost you an additional £100. 

But the thing that has really won over our hearts with this offer is the 100GB of data on offer. That realistically should satisfy even the biggest data users out there and suffice any Netflix binge-watchers.

While the maths really shouldn't add up here (how can 100GB of data be the cheapest price on this device?) we can promise you this is real but so good it probably won't hang around for long. 

The best Samsung Galaxy S10e deal

Source of the article – TechRadar

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