Fastest charging phones: Boost your battery in no time! (July 2019)

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Ideally, smartphone batteries would last all day on a single charge. But that’s not always possible, what with some phones packing smaller batteries or perhaps you simply forgot to charge your phone the night before. Fast charging technology has become just as important as a big battery. It should definitely be a feature on your check-list when picking out a new handset.

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As part of our smartphone review process, we meticulously test the battery life and charging capabilities. Today, we’re using our results to bring you the definitive list of the fastest charging phones that get you back on your feet in no time. Before we dig in, you’ll want to keep a couple of things in mind while scanning through this list:

  • Unfortunately, many of the best phones with the best battery life are unavailable in the United States. U.S. citizens can still buy these phones, but you won’t be able to do so through your carrier and some devices will come with no warranty. Do plenty of research before buying!
  • These phones don’t necessarily offer the longest battery life or even the fastest battery charging technology. This is a look at how quickly phones charge up in the real world based on their combination of charging technology and battery capacity.

Fastest charging Android phones:

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the fastest charging phones regularly as new Android devices launch.

1. Honor Magic 2: 49 minutes

Honor Magic 2

The Honor Magic 2 launched as a reasonably priced handset with plenty of neat tricks up its sleeve. Turns out one of those is a very fast battery charge time.

The handset packs in 40W Max SuperCharge technology, which matches the power on offer from some of Huawei’s more expensive flagship smartphones. Combined with a decently sized 3,400mAh battery, the Honor Magic 2 is the fastest charging smartphone we’ve ever tested. It takes just 49 minutes to go from empty to full capacity. Its battery life is also astonishingly good overall too, easily taking you into a second day of use.

Other notable handset features include a high-performance Kirin 980 processor, plenty of storage, and a cool sliding selfie camera. Unfortunately, getting your hands on the Honor Magic 2 in the West will likely require importing the phone from abroad.

Honor Magic 2 specs:

  • Display: 6.39-inch, Full HD+
  • SoC: Kirin 980
  • RAM: 6/8GB
  • Storage: 128/256GB
  • Rear cameras: 16, 16, and 24MP
  • Front camera: 16, 2, and 2MP
  • Battery: 3,600mAh
  • Software: Android 9 Pie

2. Huawei P30 Pro: 56 minutes

Huawei P30 Pro held in front of door

Chances are good that if you read any “best” list related to Android, the Huawei P30 Pro is going to show up. Not only is this one of the fastest charging smartphone on the market, but it’s also just one of the best Android phones in general.

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Considering the P30 Pro has an enormous 4,200mAh battery inside, it’d be difficult for this device to not have great battery life. The company’s 40W SuperCharge technology ensures that it doesn’t take a lifetime to charge up to full — just 56 minutes.

On top of that, the P30 Pro also has one of the best smartphone cameras ever released. Even now, the phone sits comfortably near the very top of the list at DxOMark and we haven’t seen too many phone cameras ourselves that can best it.

Once again, though, the P30 Pro is officially unavailable in the U.S., so you’ll need to buy unlocked online to import it.

Huawei P30 Pro specs:

  • Display: 6.5-inch, Full HD+
  • SoC: Kirin 980
  • RAM: 6/8GB
  • Storage: 128/256/512GB
  • Rear cameras: 40, 20, and 8MP, plus ToF sensor
  • Front camera: 32MP
  • Battery: 4,200mAh
  • Software: Android 9 Pie

3. Xiaomi Mi 9: 58 minutes

Xiaomi Mi 9 blue, black, purple in hand
The Xiaomi Mi 9 doesn’t have the biggest battery around – just 3,300mAh – but our testing showed it is an absolute monster when it comes to making that amount of juice last for as long as possible.

Better yet, this somewhat typical size means that Xiaomi’s 27W fast charging technology can juice the phone from empty to full in just 58 minutes. Although you’ll have to pay a bit extra to achieve speeds this fast, as the charger in the box only supports 18W charging.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 is a fully-fledged flagship in a number of other regards. It houses a 6.4-inch display with a waterdrop notch at the top, which houses the 20MP selfie camera. On the back it’s a whole different beast, boasting a triple camera setup and your choice of a colorful, glossy gradient that looks like a shining jewel, or a false back that looks like you can see the innards of the smartphone.

Again, the Xiaomi Mi 9 isn’t unavailable officially in the U.S., but it’s still relatively easy to get if you know where to look.

Xiaomi Mi 9 specs:

  • Display: 6.4-inch, Full HD+
  • SoC: Snapdragon 855
  • RAM: 6/8GB
  • Storage: 64/128GB
  • Rear cameras: 48, 16, and 12MP 
  • Front camera: 20MP
  • Battery: 3,300mAh
  • Software: Android 9 Pie

4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro: 61 minutes

A photo of a man holding the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Another entry for Huawei shows just how powerful the company’s SuperCharge technology is. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro and its whopping 4,200mAh battery clocks in a super-fast full charge time of just 61 minutes. As an added bonus, that huge battery is easily enough to get most users into the second day of use on a single charge.

Powered by Huawei’s high-end Kirin 980, boasting a powerful rear triple camera setup, plenty of memory, and stylish curved display design, the slightly older Mate 20 Pro is still a very compelling purchase against the more modern P30 Pro.

Again, U.S. availability is an issue here. In which case, we might recommend looking at the OnePlus 7 Pro. The handset just misses out on a top 5 place but still hands in a very fast 71 minute full charge time.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro specs:

  • Display: 6.39-inch, QHD+
  • SoC: Kirin 980
  • RAM: 6/8GB
  • Storage: 128/256GB
  • Rear cameras: 40, 8, and 20MP 
  • Front camera: 24MP
  • Battery: 4,200mAh
  • Software: Android 9 Pie

5. Oppo R17 Pro: 69 minutes

The last entry on our list clocks in a full charge time a little over an hour. But at 69 minutes the Oppo R17 Pro is still well ahead of our average smart charge time of 111 minutes. Furthermore, Oppo spin-offs OnePlus and Realme also benefit from the company’s fast charge technology with impressive times of their own and a number of models in our top 10.

Interestingly, the handset features a dual 1,850mAh battery design that proves a total capacity of 3,700mAh. The dual battery setup, combined with 50W SuperVOOC Flash Charging is a powerful combination for long-lasting, fast-charging battery life.

Much like the Honor Magic 2, the Oppo R17 Pro offers super fast charging capabilities at a more modest price point. Combined with a Snapdragon 710 processor, 8GB RAM, and a triple camera setup that includes a 3D stereo depth capture sensor, the R17 Pro is a super-mid range model worth your contemplation.

Oppo R17 Pro specs:

  • Display: 6.4-inch, Full HD+
  • SoC: Snapdragon 710
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Rear cameras: 20, 12, and 3D stereo camera 
  • Front camera: 25MP
  • Battery: 3,700mAh
  • Software: Android 8.1 Oreo

That’s our look at our picks for the best Android phones offering the very fastest battery charging times. Stay tuned as we’ll be updating this list regularly as new devices launch!

Source of the article – Android Authority
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