Free Google Home Hub and cheap bills make John Lewis broadband deals a top choice

When it comes to selecting your new broadband deal, there are a few factors to consider: Is it affordable? Do I recognise the brand? Do I get any impressive freebies with my package? Three questions that John Lewis's latest offer can answer an unequivocal "Yes!" to.

With the tempting proposal of a free Google Home Hub with all three of its packages, John Lewis is bringing some extra value to its broadband deals, especially considering John Lewis normally sells the hub for £119.

Luckily, scoring this google freebie with John Lewis doesn't have to cost you much. Plans start at £20 a month and none of the broadband deals on offer have any upfront costs.

We've listed John Lewis's three main packages down below, all with the free Google Home Hub. If none of them quite catch your eye, check our guide to the best broadband deals to see what else is currently available.

John Lewis broadband deals + Google Home Hub in full:

How do I claim my Google Home Hub?

Your Google Home Hub will added as part of your broadband order. John Lewis says that your new Google Home device will be delivered within 60 days of activation of your service. And that there's only one per customer.

How good is the Google Home Hub?

In our review of the Google Home Hub we were big fans of the device. Fulfilling the role of a smart picture frame, smart assistant, speaker and video calling, the Google Home Hub is perfect for those constantly busy and needing a device that does 1,000 things at once.

Source of the article – TechRadar

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