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The Complete Robotics eBook Bundle

Not long ago, robotics was just the stuff of great movies, but in 2019 it’s much more of a reality. Now you can learn how to build and program robots and save over $180 in the process.

There’s an operating system designed purely for robots, which is unsurprisingly called Robot Operating System (ROS). To build a robot, you’re going to want to get to grips with it. 

The Complete Robotics eBook Bundle is a set of five eBooks that give you all the training you need in ROS. We’re spotlighting it today because the eBooks together are worth in the region of $200, but right now you can get the whole bundle for just $15.

Complete Robotics eBook Bundle

These eBooks are aimed at all experience levels, so even if your only robotics knowledge is from watching Wall-E, you can start learning now. The books keep you engaged by walking you through projects to show you how ROS works.

In the first book alone you’ll learn how self-driving cars work, create an autonomous mobile robot, and even play around with image recognition and deep learning.

The Complete Robotics eBook Bundle:

The deal is this week only, but once you sign up you have the eBooks for life, so you can become a robot specialist on your own schedule. Not bad for just $15.

Hit the button below to sign up or to find out more about the eBooks.

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