Leaked list of Samsung devices to get Android 10 pops up, Galaxy S8 not on it

Earlier today, Android Pure posted what appears to be a leaked list of Samsung Android 10 device upgrades. The list shows what could be a roadmap for which Samsung devices will receive the latest version of Android.

Before we show you the list, we should emphasize that we can’t verify the authenticity of this leak. The devices listed make a lot of sense, so it wouldn’t surprise us if this leak is legitimate. However, as of now, you should take this information with a huge grain of salt as it may be wholly inaccurate.

That all being said, here’s the list:

Samsung Android 10 Roadmap LeakAndroid Pure

Right away you’ll notice some expected entries, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 family and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 family. Since these are the 2019 flagships from Samsung, it was obvious that they would get Android 10.

The inclusion of every device in the Galaxy M line also makes sense, as that line is entirely new for the company. There are also the expected 2018 and 2019 tablets on there.

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What’s most interesting is the devices that aren’t on the list, specifically the Samsung Galaxy S8 series and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Granted, those devices came out in 2017 and already received three versions of Android (launched with Nougat, then received Oreo, then received Pie). Therefore, it’s not unreasonable for Samsung to not update them to Android 10, but it’s still disappointing that a flagship device that’s only two years old won’t get a new Android version ever again.

The leaked Samsung Android 10 roadmap image doesn’t give us an idea of a timeline for any of these devices, so we’re still in the dark about that (and also in the dark about if the list is even accurate). What do you think? Is this list a good move for Samsung or are too many devices missing? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

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