Binge watch Disney+ with these unlimited Verizon plans

Disney+ is here and Verizon is giving you a free year as long as you have one of its unlimited wireless or home internet plans. If you are a Disney fan and ready for a new unlimited cell plan, now might be the time to make the switch. Overall, the best plan for Disney+ on Verizon Wireless is the Play More Unlimited plan with its 720p video streaming and Apple Music included.

Best Overall: Play More Unlimited

The appropriately named Play More Unlimited plan is a Verizon Wireless plan geared towards streaming. This is the cheapest plan with 720p video streaming. You’ll get a good, high-quality stream that will provide more than enough clarity and color depth to enjoy premium content on Disney+. Luckily, if you want a more consistent high-quality video, you can download videos for offline viewing. This is true for many other video streaming services like Netflix and YouTube Premium as well.

This plan comes with 25GB of premium data meaning that for the first 25GB of data you use each billing period, you won’t be slowed down during times of congestion. Streaming on other devices such as a tablet is also hindered with only 15GB of hotspot data, which makes it feel like an oversight on a streaming focused plan.

5G service is included in this plan if you live in an area with it available. 5G is completely unlimited premium data and will allow you to stream in the highest quality possible. This plan also includes Apple Music to round off your multimedia experience.


  • 720p video streams
  • Apple Music included
  • 5G included


  • Less Premium data (25GB)
  • Only 15GB hotspot

Best Overall

Play More Unlimited

A plan for streaming

With Play More Unlimited, you get a plan geared towards streaming with 720p video streams and plenty of data to download an entire series.

No Compromises: Get More Unlimited

The Get More Unlimited plan is the best of Verizon Wireless, but you pay for it. With 720p video streams and a massive 75GB of premium LTE data you can stream to your heart’s content without slowing down.

You can also set your download quality to max without worrying about data caps to keep your quality maxed out. 30GB of LTE hotspot data won’t be enough to rely on it for 4K streaming on your TV but should be fine for tablets.

Apple Music is also included making this a premium streaming experience for video and audio in one package. You’re in for a great experience if you’re willing to pay the entry fee.


  • 720p video streams
  • 75GB premium data
  • Apple Music included
  • 5G included


  • Expensive

No Compromises

Get More Unlimited

Simply everything

This no-compromise Get More Unlimited plan has everything a heavy streamer needs to keep going without giving up any quality or download speed.

Binge Watcher: Do More Unlimited

The Do More Unlimited plan is the same price as the Play More plan but with more premium data. It also only includes six months of Apple Music and streams videos at 480p. A side effect of this lesser configuration is that streaming video will use less data letting you go longer without eating through your premium data, which is up to 50GB.

There is a way around this. If you know which series you plan to watch, you can plan ahead and download the high quality video for offline viewing.

If you have 5G service in your area, all other concerns dissolve and you get unlimited service with full quality videos while streaming.


  • 50GB premium data
  • 5G included


  • Only 480p video streams

Binge Watcher

Do More Unlimited

More premium data

The Do More Unlimited plan is geared more to downloading large amounts of data than streaming. Plan ahead to watch videos in high-quality.

Best Value: Start Unlimited

Start Unlimited is the most basic unlimited plan available at Verizon Wireless. It gets rid of the bells and whistles like premium data, hotspot, 720p video, and 5G but it keeps the most important bit: unlimited LTE data.

If you plan ahead and download your videos to your phone you can still get a great Disney+ experience. You also get six months of Apple Music to use, which is a nice addition. 480p video streams should still work fine if the towers aren’t congested, meaning this is a great for streaming if you don’t need high-definition video available at a moment’s notice.


  • Cheapest plan
  • Unlimited data


  • Only 480p video streams
  • No premium data
  • No hotspot

Best Value

Start Unlimited

Unlimited Disney for less

Start Unlimited is a more basic plan but it has the essentials and the lower costs helps more people get in. Download ahead for better quality videos.

Bottom line

All of these plans can get free Disney+ for a year and if you’re using Wi-Fi and you can even watch from up to 10 unique devices. The quality limitations of the lower plans are much less of an issue with Wi-Fi. While it may seem like you need to go for a bigger plan for streaming, most people will be perfectly happy with 480p streaming. Premium data is really only an issue for people that live in an area with a ton of cell traffic that can bog down during peak times.

Still, if you want to watch a lot on the road or simply not worry about switching to Wi-Fi everywhere you go, the Play More Unlimited plan is the best bet for streaming. With HD video streams and Apple Music thrown in, it’s the complete Verizon experience up to 25GB.

What is Disney+ and how does it work?

Disney+ is a streaming service from Disney that includes content from Marvel, Lucasfilm, Fox, and National Geographic, on top of multiple Disney properties. There is a ton of video content to watch right out of the gate from TV Shows to movies. It’s been a toss-up for a while whether you would be able to find free legal streaming for Disney shows and movies, but now there is a great source for all this content. It also works on a ton of devices from Android and iOS phones to smart TVs.

Disney+ is free for one year as long as you link your Disney+ account before June 1, 2020. At the end of the promotion, the subscription renews at $6.99 per month. You could also remove it from your account and renew Disney+ directly for $6.99 per month or $69.99 for a year. There are a few more details you should check out if you already have a Verizon Wireless unlimted plan to get started. If you sign up for Verizon Fios or Verizon 5G Home internet as a new customer you can get the same deal.

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