Oppo unveils Android 10-based ColorOS 7, new design, performance optimizations

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Oppo released ColorOS 6 earlier this year. It featured a few useful tweaks and a refreshing new coat of paint. Now, the company unveiled the next iteration of its Android skin — Oppo ColorOS 7.

The Chinese manufacturer announced the update at a recent event in Beijing. This time, ColorOS 7 is based on Android 10, and brings a completely revamped UI that is designed to reduce visual fatigue and offer a more pleasing color palette. Its icons are entirely customizable, too.

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Oppo ColorOS 7 Screenshots

Oppo also added a built-in focus mode, a new password managing tool, and a button that allows users to quickly switch between recently used apps in ColorOS 7. The camera app also gets a revamp this time around, including improved night mode and video editing tools.

Under the hood, ColorOS 7 sees improved RAM optimization, up to 40% reduced app startup times, and offers an overall enhanced gaming experience. Oppo has also partnered Danish sound company Episound to redesign ColorOS 7’s sound effects. These new effects will attempt to emulate the sound of the physical world around you. Oppo hopes this will make using the OS a smoother, more natural experience.

ColorOS 7 will launch on the upcoming Reno 3 before Oppo releases it on other devices. Afterward, it will come to several other Reno devices by the end of 2019. Devices like the Reno, Reno 2, Reno Ace, and Reno 10x Zoom are among that list. But the update will roll out to other Reno, Find, R, and RealMe devices throughout 2020.

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Source of the article – Android Authority
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