Here are all the brands confirmed to offer Snapdragon 865, 765 phones

Snapdragon 865 phones are coming from Q1 2020.

Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 765/765G chipsets yesterday, confirming 5G connectivity and a few more details ahead of the full rundown later today.

The Snapdragon 865 and 765 series are expected to power 2020’s flagship and upper mid-range phones respectively. But the 5G support also suggests that we can expect a flood of 5G devices next year, and several brands have already confirmed that they’ll offer these chips in their phones.


A Nokia phone with the Snapdragon 765 is coming.Qualcomm

HMD has confirmed in a Qualcomm press release and on-stage that it’ll offer a Nokia smartphone powered by the Snapdragon 765 next year. It didn’t mention plans for a Snapdragon 865 phone though.

“Our highest priority for 2020 is making 5G more accessible – bringing an affordable yet premium grade, future proof 5G experience for the best possible performance in NSA and SA networks with the Snapdragon 765 Mobile Platform,” said HMD Global chief product officer Juho Sarvikas.

The company adds that this upcoming device will offer Zeiss optics and PureDisplay technology.


Motorola is joining the party when it comes to Snapdragon 865 phones.Qualcomm

Another prominent brand hopping aboard the next-gen Snapdragon train is Motorola, with company president Sergio Buniac revealing its plans.

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“As the mobile arm, Motorola will continue leading the 5G era with our expanded lineup of 5G solutions in 2020 — driven by the high-performing Snapdragon 765 and 865 Mobile Platforms, re-invigorating our place in the premium flagship space,” Buniac said in a press statement.

The company’s last flagship was the Moto Z3 back in 2018, using 2017’s Snapdragon 835 silicon.


Oppo Reno Ace review nestled on mulch

The BBK-owned brand isn’t wasting any time either, and it’s confirmed that it’ll be among several others launching Snapdragon 865 phones early next year.

“In 2020 Q1, Oppo will launch its flagship product using the Snapdragon 865 Mobile Platform, together bringing a faster and superior 5G experience to users,” Oppo president Alen Wu said in a Qualcomm statement.

Oppo’s flagship series is currently the Reno range (seen above), so we’d expect a Snapdragon 865-powered entry in this family. It wouldn’t be the only Reno device powered by brand-new silicon though, as the company’s Brian Shen confirmed on Twitter that the upcoming Reno 3 5G will have a Snapdragon 765G chipset.


The Xiaomi Mi 10 will be one of several Snapdragon 865 phones.Qualcomm

Xiaomi CEO Bin Lin appeared at the Qualcomm event to announce that the upcoming Mi 10 flagship will be among the first wave of Snapdragon 865 phones. He also confirmed that the upcoming Redmi K30 will offer new Qualcomm silicon.

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“We are announcing that starting next week, we’ll be launching Redmi K30 powered by Snapdragon 765, again, (a) 5G-enabled device. Shortly after that will be Mi 10, as I just mentioned, powered by Snapdragon 865.” the CEO noted. The company clarified in a Qualcomm press statement that the Mi 10 will arrive in Q1 2020.

It’s worth noting that the brand has said on Weibo that the Redmi K30 will be powered by the Snapdragon 765G in particular. This will presumably give a graphical boost over the vanilla Snapdragon 765.

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snapdragon tech summit 2019 partnersQualcomm

Qualcomm stated that other prominent partners set to use the new silicon include Realme and Vivo, noting that they’ll use Snadpragon 765 in particular.

Other partners seen in a slide during the Snapdragon Tech Summit (seen above) include HTC, OnePlus, LG, Nubia, Samsung, and ZTE. Furthermore, the likes of Blackshark, Coolpad, IQOO, Meizu, RedMagic, Smartisan, and TCL are all reportedly getting in on the action too.

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