The best new Netflix Christmas specials for 2019

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There are already a ton of old and new Netflix Christmas movies to stream this holiday season. However, if you really want to go overboard with holiday content, Netflix has dropped a ton of Christmas Netflix specials and holiday-themed TV shows to watch as well.

Here’s a quick look at the new Netflix Christmas specials and Netflix Christmas TV shows that made their debut in 2019. As you will see, there’s a lot of variety, from sitcoms to baking specials.

1. Merry Happy Whatever

Getting together with family for Christmas can sometimes get awkward. That’s the theme of this eight-episode limited sitcom series. Matt, played by Brent Morin, wants to marry his girlfriend Emmy, played by Bridgit Mendler. They travel to Emmy’s hometown of Philadelphia for the holidays, and Matt meets Emmy’s very strict and skeptical father, played perfectly by Dennis Quaid. The show is meant to be funny, but it’s also a mirror into the lives of many families who have to deal with different issues during Christmas. It’s perhaps the best of the new Netflix Christmas specials and TV shows.

2. Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas is pretty much the exact opposite of Merry Happy Whatever. This comedy series from Norway (with English dub) centers on 30-year old Johanne, the last single person in her large family. During a family dinner, she tells the assembled members she has a boyfriend. She doesn’t, of course, and now she only has a few weeks to get a real boyfriend to take to the family’s Christmas celebrations. 

3. Three Days of Christmas

three days of christmas

This is a three-episode series in Spanish (with English dubs). It focuses on four sisters who gather together in three different Christmas time periods (1949, 1969, and modern-day). The first episode shows the sisters having to deal with a traumatic event, and how they keep it secret. It’s not your standard holiday fare, but it will make you think about the tightness of family during Christmas.

4. Nailed It! Holiday

The popular baking show on Netflix launches a new Christmas-themed series of six episodes for 2019. As per the regular series, Nailed It! Holiday features three “bakers” in each episode. They are asked to replicate holiday-themed items like an angel-shaped waffle cone tree topper and a Dr. Seuss-inspired look at green eggs and ham mini-cakes. Fans of this series know that these bakers are not exactly skilled, and that’s where the humor comes into play.

5. Sugar Rush Christmas

Sugar Rush is the Netflix show with real, and highly skilled bakers. This year, the show has a Netflix Christmas special series of six episodes. The bakers are tasked with making great tasting treats based on, among other things, Christmas trees and edible ugly sweaters. This is definitely one of the best new Netflix Christmas specials and TV shows.

6. The Great British Baking Show – Holidays

the great british baking show holidays

The popular UK series launched its second holiday season as two Netflix Christmas specials. Both episodes brought back bakers from previous seasons of The Great British Baking Show. The bakers are asked to make more refined holiday items like iced biscuits, snow eggs, and even a New Year’s resolution cake. After the somewhat silly Nailed It! and Sugar Rush holiday specials, this is a nice change of pace.

7. Holiday Secrets

holiday secrets

It’s yet another limited series about a family getting together for Christmas. This German series (with English dub) has three generations of women who travel to a remote family house for the holidays. It’s not exactly a happy reunion as many of them have some deep resentments and secrets. The show also bounces back and forth in time, in between the present and the past, as these secrets are slowly revealed. It’s definitely the most serious of the new Netflix Christmas specials and TV shows.

8. Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas

This Netflix Christmas special is strictly for the kids, and that’s a good thing. Based on the Spirit Riding Free animated series, this holiday special features the main cast, Lucky, Pru, and Abigail, as they travel from the frontier to the city to get Christmas presents for their family members. If your kids are fans of the TV show, this is a must-watch for Christmas.

That’s a look at the best new Netflix Christmas specials and TV shows for 2019. Remember, there are also a ton of original Netflix Christmas movies being released this year as well.

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