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  • Apple has opened its brand new Toronto store.
  • The new store is in Toronto’s Eaton Centre and is roughly double the size of the old one.
  • Our very own Rene Ritchie has a video tour for you!

Apple has opened its brand new retail store inside of Toronto’s Eaton Centre, and we’ve got a video tour for you!

Apple, in fact, opened two stores today, one in Kawasaki, Japan, the other in Toronto. The new Toronto store, like the old one, is situated in the Toronto Eaton Centre. The new store is roughly twice as big as the old one, and it features many of Apple’s most exciting store features, including Avenue displays, a forum and a new table layout.

In the Avenue, you can touch and see products like cases, Watch bands and accessories, whilst in the Forum there’s a timetable of Today At Apple classes for a wide range of audiences.

You can also check out Rene’s gallery of photos of the new store over on Instagram.

With these new features, along with new flooring and walls, Toronto’s Eaton Centre store is the first Canada store to be refurbished and not retain the classic metallic look of Apple stores of old. The new stores look absolutely incredible, and Rene for one hopes that Canada will be getting some more new-style stores very soon!

Source of the article – iMore

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