‘Tis the season to deck your phone out with festive holiday wallpapers!

Spruce up your phone for the season with these festive and fun wallpapers!

The holidays are among us and the weather may be dreadful outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t deck your phone out for the season. Whether it’s Christmas trees and lights, a flurry of snow, or even presents and candy canes, these holiday wallpapers are sure to get you in the spirit of the season!

1. Sparkles in the air

Christmas lights are always beautiful, and they can create a super cool bokeh effect. What’s not to love?

2. Christmas tree bokeh

Christmas trees and lights go together perfectly, so why not have more tree light bokeh sparkles? The more the merrier!

3. Bokeh tree

Again, we love bokeh, and this one is fun because the bokeh is in the shape of the Christmas tree itself, making it stand out.

4. Shiny, shiny!

When you have a Christmas tree, you’re also going to have ornaments. They represent Christmas and are perfect little decorations, so why not have some grace your lock screen this season?

5. Sparkly baubles

Who can resist a beautifully decorated Christmas tree that’s full of amazing ornaments?

6. Sparklers aren’t just for July

When you have sparklers, you can create cool effects with light in the air. This purple sparkler was used to draw a Christmas tree in the air, and we think it’s rad!

7. Hot cocoa and peppermints

The season is cold and chilly, so why not have hot cocoa in cute mugs with peppermint hearts grace your screen? We love this adorable wallpaper from Lauren Conrad.

8. Splash of color

Ornaments come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. This bright and cheery wallpaper will add a fantastic splash of color for the season.

9. So cute!

The season calls for Christmas trees, ornaments, and candy canes, and this wallpaper packs it all with a dash of kawaii.

10. Do you wanna build a snowman?

It’s snowing in a lot of places right now, so you’ll want to build a snowman. This cute wallpaper features Frosty the Snowman in a simple pattern that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

11. Mmm, gingerbread

This is peak gingerbread time, so turn your iPhone into a gingerbread man with this minimalistic wallpaper treat! Just looking at it makes me crave some gingerbread man cookies…

12. Gold, gold everywhere!

You can’t have a Christmas and New Year without some gold glitter, so here’s some to go on your Lock screen. Who can resist the holidays when gold sparkles are everywhere?

13. Pretty fairy lights

This photography by Georgianna Lane is absolutely gorgeous with the holiday fairy lights in the trees with the white snow background. You can also purchase this wallpaper as a full-size print on Etsy.

14. It’s the most wonderful time of the year

We love the holidays, and this is a simple but classic message.

15. Brrr!

Holidays mean winter, and it’s cold and snowy! But nothing quite beats the beauty of nature, so we enjoy this shot of trees covered in fresh white powder.

16. Home sweet home

This wallpaper features a cute little porcelain house that makes for excellent home decor during the holidays. The lighting in this one gives it a fantastic mood and tone for the holiday season.

17. More sparkles!

You just can’t go wrong with bokeh. It’s so simple, but so versatile and unique in every picture.

18. Oh deer

Oh deer, indeed.

19. It’s a snow day

Again, we love how gorgeous nature can be when you add in some snow, and this applies to this nice wallpaper too.

20. Sparkly tree

We can’t resist a great looking tree that’s full of shine and sparkle.

21. Classic patterns

Like a stocking, you can’t have Christmas without seeing some gingham pattern prints somewhere.

22. Rose Gold reigns supreme

There’s just something about rose gold that I love. It’s probably the pink hue. But this wallpaper features a single rose gold glitter ornament that is simple, yet elegant and beautiful.

23. Ho, ho, ho!

This is Santa’s prime time, so of course, we can’t go without a Santa wallpaper. This one is minimal, featuring the classic Santa costume.

24. A classic duo

Tired of a green tree? Try a white one, and adorn it with those red ornaments to make it really stand out.

25. Mistletoe and stars

This elegant wallpaper features a bunch of mistletoe on one side and a few scattered stars on the other, bringing in that nostalgic holiday feeling. And that flat wooden background really adds to the aesthetic!

What are your holiday wallpaper picks?

What are you decking your iPhone’s halls will? Let us know your top places to find your fave wallpapers in the comments below!

Happy holidays!

Updated December 2019: Updated with new wallpapers.

Source of the article – iMore

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