That Camera Bundle on Amazon May Be Gear That Was Returned

Here’s a 16-minute report by CNBC that looks into how Amazon returns work. At the 14:39 mark, there’s an interesting tidbit that you may not have known: when you see third-party camera bundles on Amazon with a body, lens, and/or accessories, many of those items may have been previously returned.

In addition to reselling returned items through its Amazon Warehouse program, donating them, or returning them to suppliers, Amazon also sells returned items in bulk to third-party companies. Those companies then repackage them, sometimes with added accessories, and then sell them for a profit back on Amazon.

The example CNBC points to is the big market for camera bundles — the listings that contain all kinds items gathered into one convenient package that are often seen as sponsored products:

If you want to make sure you’re not buying previously returned equipment, make sure the listings you’re looking at show reputable brands as the seller (instead of third-party companies) and that they’re shipped from and sold by

Source of the article – PetaPixel

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