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Adobe Granted License by US Gov to Keep Serving Customers in Venezuela

Adobe has been granted a license by the US government to keep serving creatives in Venezuela, allowing the company to overturn a very controversial decision from earlier this month.

Earlier this month, Adobe announced that it would be cutting off all Creative Cloud services to customers in Venezuela by the end of the month, in order to comply with a US Executive Order. Creatives throughout the country were distraught—imagine losing access to the Creative Suite that your business depends on—but it seems Adobe has managed to strike a deal with the US government that will keep this disaster from happening.

In a blog post on the company’s blog, Adobe’s VP and General Manager of Customer Experience Chris Hall announced that “after discussions with the US government, we’ve been granted a license to provide all of our Digital Media products and services in Venezuela.”

“With this update, we’re sharing that users can continue to access the Creative Cloud and Document Cloud portfolio, and all of their content, as they did before,” writes Hall. “If you lost access to premium services, they will be restored within a week.”

What’s more, according to an updated FAQ on the Adobe website, users who were granted a refund before their subscription was turned off will have their subscription reactivated free of charge for 90 days as a gesture of goodwill, and so they can get up and running right away.

“In the subsequent weeks since the announcement, we heard directly from you, our users in Venezuela, about your passion for the work that you do,” says Hall. “As always, we continue to be deeply committed to powering creativity for all, and we’re delighted to have the ability to continue to do so in Venezuela.”

This is great news for creatives in Venezuela, and a timely piece of positive news for Adobe, who is currently dealing with a major data breach that was exposed this past weekend. To learn more about the reactivation of service, head over to the Adobe blog or the company’s FAQ about this matter.

Source of the article – PetaPixel