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Pixelmator Photo is a ‘Desktop-Class’ RAW Photo Editor for the iPad

After finding success with its layer-based image editor for iOS and Mac, Pixelmator is now bringing a powerful new RAW photo editor to the iPad. Called Pixelmator Photo, the app competes against the likes of Adobe’s Lightroom CC for iPad.

“Pixelmator Photo is a powerful, beautiful, and easy to use photo editor for iPad,” Pixelmator says. “It features a collection of nondestructive, desktop-class photo editing tools, a set of stunning, machine learning-enhanced film emulation presets, a magical Repair tool to remove unwanted objects from your photos, support for editing RAW images, and more.

“Simply put, it’s the best way to edit your photos on iPad.”

Pixelmator Photo has non-destructive color adjustments like Levels, Curves, Hue/Saturation, Selective Color, and Black and White.

Pixelmator Photo brings a desktop photo editing experience to iPad. With powerful, nondestructive color adjustments like Levels, Curves, Hue & Saturation, Selective Color, and Black & White, it lets you edit the colors of your photos in any way you want.

The adjustments offer AI-based auto-adjustments using a machine learning algorithm trained on 20 million professional photos.

The app features native RAW photo editing with support for over 500 of the most popular cameras on the market.

The ML Enhance feature in the app uses AI to automatically enhance both JPEG and RAW photos.

After applying ML Enhance, you can choose a preset from 9 unique groups that provides a consistent look to your photos while retaining the most important ML Adjustments. Presets include analog film emulation, vintage and cinematic looks, genre enhancements (e.g. landscape and urban), and more.

While Photoshop has tools like Content-Aware Fill and the Healing Brush, Pixelmator Photo features a powerful Repair tool.

“[It’s] more than just a spot removal tool,” Pixelmator states. “In fact, it can make entire objects disappear from photos, recreating complex backgrounds with ease. So even if you didn’t quite get the perfect shot the first time around, you can use image editing magic to make sure the final photo looks its best.”

There’s a Crop tool for working with composition and framing, and if you need a little bit of help, the ML Crop feature uses AI to suggest the best ways to improve the composition.

Here’s a short video introducing the new app:

Pixelmator Photo is available now through the App Store for $5.

Source of the article – PetaPixel