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This Multi Turret Lets You Mount 3 Lenses on 1 Camera

Want to be able to quickly switch between lenses with the flick of your wrist? The Multi Turret is coming to help. It’s a turret lens system that allows you to mount three different lenses onto one camera.

Newsshooter got a sneak peek of the Multi Turret at NAB 2019 after being approached by cinematographer Ian Kerr CSC, who has been hard at work bringing the lens turret of old to modern digital cameras.

Kerr was showing off a Sony FS7 Super 35 camera with three different Canon EF lenses mounted to the front. Switching between the prime or lightweight zoom lenses can be easily done in just seconds without an assistant and lens case.

The Multi Turret is compatible with Sony E-mount cameras (e.g. a7S and a7R) and supports full communication and control of EF-mount lenses via any E-EF mount adapter (e.g. Metabones). Support for ARRI and RED cameras is on the way, as is compatibility with PL, F, K, and other lens mounts.

What’s neat is that the turret allows you to easily mix and match lenses of different mounts — EF, F, or PL mount lenses could be mounted to the same turret for rapid-fire swapping.

And by mounting different focal lengths and ranges to the turret, you could have the equivalent of something like a 16-200mm full frame f/2.8 lens mounted to your camera, Newsshooter points out.

The turret itself mounts to cameras using the camera lens mount and an additional bracket — 1 to 2 bolts are used to support the weight — and it can be installed or removed in just 45 seconds.

“Multi Turret is looking at including the ability to add optical filters or auxiliary optics between the mounted lenses and the camera body,” Newsshooter reports. “[Sony] a7S/R users would love this.”

No word yet on when the Multi Turret will be launched or how much it will cost. The company is currently collecting feedback and suggestions for the latest prototype they’ve created.

Image credits: Photos and still frames by Newsshooter and used with permission

Source of the article – PetaPixel