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eero routers are starting to appear in the Home app, support coming soon?

Latest eero router update opens it to Apple’s Home app.

What you need to know

  • eero routers are now showing up in the Home app after latest firmware update.
  • Routers cannot be added at this point without a HomeKit code.
  • eero also hints at the feature in a post on reddit.

It appears that HomeKit router support may be hitting the scene soon, as the latest update to eero Wi-Fi routers is exposing the system to the Home app. The eero firmware update, version 3.18.0 was released earlier today, and while it doesn’t specifically mention HomeKit support, we can confirm that it is showing up for the latest generation eero Wi-Fi system, released late last year.

Unfortunately, while eero routers are showing up, they cannot be added to the Home at this time due to the lack of a HomeKit accessory code, and it is listed as being uncertified by Apple. However, the official release may be coming soon, as a developer from eero hints heavily at the feature in a reddit post from today covering the update, stating that a REDACTED feature is part of the release.

Lots of stuff, some of which I can’t yet talk about.

  • REDACTED feature for REDACTED users, please wait and see

    • this is the biggy, but I’m not allowed to talk about it yet.

HomeKit router support, once released, will add the ability for users to manage the connections that their HomeKit accessories have with other devices and the internet. Options that will be available in the Home app include the following:

  • No Restriction: The router allows the accessory to connect to any internet service or local device.
    This provides the lowest level of security.

  • Automatic: The router allows the accessory to connect to an automatically updated list of manufacturer-approved internet services and local devices.

  • Restrict to Home: The router only allows the accessory to connect to your home hub.
    This option may prevent firmware updates or other services.

Exact models of eero routers that will be receiving the update is currently unknown, outside of “eero” and “eero pro” that are listed on Apple’s HomeKit accessories list. Linksys Velop routers will are also listed as getting support, but specific models are also unknown at this time.

Almost here

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