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10 best Magic The Gathering apps for Android!

Bugko best magic the gathering apps
Magic: The Gathering is one of the oldest, best, and most complex card games out there. It has fans all over the world and enough deck combinations for everybody to build a 100% unique deck several times over before you find a repeat. A game so large and so complex obviously needs a few tools for organization and game play. Thankfully, there are enough to satisfy the demand for both casual players and tournament players as well as estb. Here are the best Magic The Gathering apps for Android! An honorable mention for this list is ManaBox as well.


Price: Free (with ads)

Bugko is a powerful MTG tool with a lot of decent features. It has features for both judges and players as well. There is an offline database of over 30,000 cards, a rule book, tournament deck list updates, and it sources news from a few dozen sources. That makes it an excellent all-in-one tool. The database has a syntax search to find the cards you need to find. Some additional tools include a life counter for up to four players, a ban list, and 15 counters to help keep track of your counters. There are more things, but it’d take another 200 words to list them all out. Check it out, this is one of the good Magic The Gathering apps.

Bugko screenshot for the best magic the gathering apps list

Amazon Shopping

Price: Free

Amazon is a bit of a lame pick for a list like this but it’s still a great app for Magic fans. The online retailer has tens of thousands of cards for sale from real card shops around the country. There is the occasional chance at a counterfeit but by and large the experience is positive. People buy things in various ways, but I have wish lists on Amazon for entire decks worth of cards. You can buy booster boxes, fat packs, dice, game mats, and other paraphernalia as well. However, by and large, Amazon is best for its individual card collection which is generally at a fairly reasonable price. You can always compare prices with TCG if you suspect a card is too much.

Delver Lens

Price: Free / $2.99-$30.00

Delver Lens is another powerful tool for MTG players. It’s a scanner that uses OCR to scan cards and identify them. You can then view the card, what it does, and, with an Internet connection, check it out online. It does work offline for card identification. The app also keeps track of what you scan and has a deck builder function in it. The app’s main functionality seems to work fairly well. Most of the criticisms we’ve seen comes from the wild changes in price that some people find when scanning some cards. However, you can always double check online so it’s not the only source of prices.


Price: Free

Facebook is another lame pick, but it’s actually a great app for Magic players. Most local card shops have a Facebook presence and use the platform to plan draft nights, tournaments, and to announce when new sets are in stock or available. Of course, I can only base this on personal experience, but both of the card shops I frequent have healthy, useful Facebook pages with tons of information about upcoming tournaments and just random fun nights where people show up and play various game types. Plus, the official game pages and news sites can clog up your news feed with Magic instead of whatever horrible things people post on Facebook these days. It’s a win-win.

Facebook is one of the best magic the gathering apps for android


Price: Free / $1.99

Lifely is one of the better tools for actually playing Magic. It includes support for up to four players and includes a bunch of little niceties like poison counters, energy counters, commander damage, and even a dice roller for when you need one. There are plenty of other apps that have these features. However, this one feels complete, the UI is good, and it has most of the stuff you’d need unless you play a really funky deck. Plus, the pro version is relatively inexpensive at $1.99.

Lifely is one of the best MTG apps for android

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Magic Life Counter

Price: Free / $1.99

Magic Life Counter is another decent life tracking app. It has many of the same features as Lifely, including poison counters, support for up to four players, and support for various types of counters. The UI is very similar and it’s easy enough to keep track of everything without needing a ton of extra life dice. There are some complaints about the dice roll capabilities. Some players believe that it gives an untoward advantage to player one. It worked fine in our tests, but you may want to conduct your own before relying on it as a fair dice roller. Otherwise, it’s cheap, easy to use, and it works fine for most game types.

Magic: The Gathering Companion

Price: Free

Magic: The Gathering Companion is Wizards of the Coast’s official attempt at an official Magic app. It’s not half bad, actually. The app is mostly for tournaments and such. You can link players to their Wizards of the Coast accounts for official record keeping and that makes it a slam dunk for smaller card shops looking for a way to register such events. It supports constructed, sealed, and draft type games. Thus, it’s best for tournaments. However, the app is in early access beta at the time of this writing so it may have new features as the app develops.

Magic The Gathering Companion is one of the best magic the gathering apps

MTG Familiar

Price: Free

MTG Familiar is another life counter app with a bunch of other features. This one puts UI aside a bit for the sake of functionality. It works for two players. Additionally, it comes with a dice roller from a D3 all the way up to a D100 and there’s a D2 for coin flips as well. If that weren’t enough, the app has an offline card database for quick lookups as well as a mana pool counter and spell counter. You can look up card prices, but as always we highly recommend multiple sources for the best information. About the only caveat is that only works for two player games.

MTG Familiar screenshot for the best magic the gathering apps

TopDecked MTG

Price: Free / $4.99-$8.49 per month / $49.99-$84.99 per year

TopDecked MTG might be the most powerful app for Magic players. It has a metric ton of tools for both players as well as establishments that hold Magic tournaments. For players, there’s a deck simulator, a card database, cloud syncing, and you can read up on the latest news. Additionally, you can find tournaments nearby and across the country as long as the establishments register with the service. You can even keep track of your entire collection with this one. For establishments, you can set up and conduct tournaments. There is a monthly subscription for some of the features. We only recommend them to people who really use this app for all that it’s worth, though.

TopDecked MTG screenshot for the best magic the gathering apps list


Price: Free / $12.99 per month

YouTube is our final obvious pick for Magic The Gathering apps. There are a bunch of personalities online for a bunch of different types of players. You can find deck builders, collectors seeking out rare gems, or people to follow the tournament circuit. I watched a video while researching this list of a guy using a deck to build a computer kind of. It’s also good for beginners who want to learn the rules and see some examples of the game being played.

YouTube Premium screenshot for the best craft apps list

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