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5 best photo resizer apps for Android

Resize Me best photo resizer apps for Android
There are a lot of reasons to resize a photo. You may need a different aspect ratio or you may just want to cut out unnecessary parts of a photo. Whatever the case, you have a lot of options. There are two types of photo resizing. The first is pure compression. You keep the image the same size, but you make the file size smaller. The other type is reshaping the photo to be actually larger and smaller for better embedding in certain situations. Every app on this list is capable of doing both. Here are the best photo resizer apps for Android!

  1. Codenia Image Size
  2. Lit Photo Compress & Resize
  3. Resize Me
  4. Xllusion Photo Resizer
  5. Z Mobile Photo Resizer

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Codenia Image Size

Price: Free / $4.99

Codenia’s Image Size app is a relatively simple and effective app for image resizing. You simply open the photo, enter your input size, and crop the image to the proper aspect ratio (or do it manually). In addition, the image’s storage size is adjustable in the settings with the JPEG quality setting. It does basically all three major methods of changing a photo size and it’s an easy recommendation. The free version has ads and the premium version doesn’t. There really isn’t any of note wrong with this one.

Codenia Image Size screenshot

Lit Photo Compress & Resize

Price: Free / $1.99

Lit Photo is another good compression and resizing app. It does both jobs admirably. You can resize photos in terms of dimensions and you can compress them to take up less storage space. Additionally, the app supports batch compression, some very minor photo editor tricks, and it doesn’t damage the original file in case you want to do something else with it later. It’s cheap, effective, simple, and it should work for both methods of resizing.

Lit Photo Compress and Resize screenshot

Resize Me

Price: Free / $1.49

Resize Me is an excellent app for this sort of thing. You can compress and resize as needed and the app supports both PNG and JPEG format. Additionally, the app keeps EXIF data and you can batch resize multiple images at once. It’s easy enough to use like most photo resizer apps. However, we did some complaints about the batch photo resizing presets so be careful you use that. The free and premium versions are separate apps so you can always download the premium one if you like the free one.

Resize Me screenshot

Photo Resizer

Price: Free / $3.99

Photo Resizer the simplest photo resizer app on the list. It’s super basic and works well for super basic tasks. You select a photo, select a preset size or define your own, and the app redoes the photo with the new size. That’s about all it does. We appreciate the extra tools most photo resizer apps have, but sometimes it’s nice to just define a specific size and make the photo that big. To be honest, for the price, you can get a premium version of a more feature-heavy app, but the free version works well for quick and dirty one-offs.

Photo Resizer screenshot

Z Mobile Photo Resizer

Price: Free / $1.99

Z Mobile Photo Resizer works well in most instances. It supports both PNG and JPEG output and various methods for resizing photos. FOr instance, you can use aspect ratios, exact pixels, or percentages (so you can make a photo 20% smaller). Additionally, the app comes with batch resizing, a crop tool, non-destructive editing (original photo remains intact), and you can share images once done through the app. It has some limitations here and there, but it worked fine in our testing.

Z Mobile Photo Resizer screenshot

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