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Ace Agile project management with this training kit

Agile Scrum Mastery

Mastering project management skills is an excellent way to step up your career in many industries. Whether you’re delegating responsibilities to your team or to managing a project, these skills can be crucial. To start learning now, you can pick up the Agile Scrum Mastery Bundle for only $17 with a promo code.

Agile is one of the most popular project management methodologies, with Scrum as the implementation method. The purpose of Scrum management is to deliver value in the shortest amount of time, which is an essential part of business success.

Power up your project management with 31 hours of content.

Through hands-on lessons, you’ll learn how Agile project management improves workflow. 31 hours of content covers all the big concepts you’ll need to know. The focus is on combining the development and testing phases and building communication in your team.

Scrum, like a rugby pile, does not feature a leader but rather focuses heavily on collaboration techniques. The whole point of this learning kit is to develop your critical thinking skills and team-building abilities. 

Agile Scrum Mastery highlights:

  • Learn the basic principles of Agile management and implementation.
  • Develop effective working techniques to work with business and IT.
  • Gain project management and risk analysis skills.
  • 31 hours of content to cover all of your questions.

The Agile Scrum Mastery Course has a retail value of nearly $300, but you can pick it up for only $17 right now. Head to the deal and apply the promo code BFSAVE15 at checkout to lock up the lowest price. 

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