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All the latest Android developer news and features you need to know about!

Techtober is at an end, and while we usually use the term to refer to the large number of new devices released during the month, it has also been a busy time for developer news!

(Also, should we rename it to Octechber? I think yes. Sound off below!)

The biggest announcements of course came from the Android Dev Summit, which saw the release of Android Studio 4.0 and Jetpack Compose. Keep your eyes peeled to Android Authority for more on that! Arm TechCon also took place this year, bringing some very interesting announcements on the hardware side of things.

As usual, there have also been plenty of other announcements and features from around the web, and a host of tutorials and coverage right here. Find all the latest down below.

Features and news from Android Authority

Save 83% on our Android development for beginners course – That’s right: users can now save a huge 83% on our introductory development course run by the legendary Gary Sims! This course will take you from complete beginner to capable developer, so get it while it’s under heavy discount.

Protect your users’ privacy: Android app security for developers – As developers, we owe it to our users to keep apps secure and safe. This post from Jessica will show you exactly how to do that.

How to use gestures and gesture-based navigation in your Android app – This post explains how to use gesture navigation in Android apps, in light of the new Android 10 gestures.

Arm TechCon

Arm partners with Unity to improve gaming performance on mobile – At Arm TechCon this year, Arm announced a new partnership with Unity to help developers take greater advantage of their hardware.

Arm processors will soon become faster than ever thanks to custom instructions – Okay, so this won’t impact on Android developers specifically for a while, but Arm has recently announced that it will be allowing custom instructions for its Cortex-M series processors.

News and updates from Android Developer’s blog

One Biometric API Over all Android – Developers can now use the Biometric API as part of the AndroidX Biometric Library. This post from Google explains all in detail.

High engagement, larger screens: How Android developers can reach users on any device – Android has always had a “tablet UI problem.” This issue has come to the fore with Android apps now supported on Chromebooks. This post discusses some solutions and best practices.

Android Developer Challenge: helpful innovation, powered by On-Device Machine Learning + you! – At the Dev Summit, Google announced the return of the developer challenge. This time the focus is on on-device machine learning, which was also a big topic at Arm TechCon this year.

A modern approach to Android development, with Jetpack Compose and more! – What’s the best workflow for a modern Android developer? This post seeks to answer that question, focusing on Kotlin and Android Compose.

Android Automotive OS updates for developers – Does what it says on the tin!

Introducing NDK r21: our first Long Term Support release – Android NDK r21 is in beta and aims to provide stability and support primarily.

News and features from Around the Web

Android Dev Summit 2019 – If you missed the live event, it’s not too late to catch up with everything that was announced and covered on the main page!

Android Studio 4.0 – If you want to grab Android Studio 4.0 and give it a try for yourself, you will find it here.

Advanced Android With Kotlin by Google – At the Dev Summit, Udacity and Google announced a new free course that would be provided on the formers’ site. Start the free, 2 month course here.

Playing with Jetpack Compose dev preview – Part 1: Sample – A great post on using Jetpack Compose with older versions of Android Studio.

Android development

Building UI using Jetpack Compose in Android – A tutorial on creating great UIs using JetPack Compose.

Source of the article – Android Authority