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Amid uncertainty, AT&T gives Galaxy Fold new mid-June shipping date

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AT&T has updated its Galaxy Fold shipping date ETA for pre-order customers, and it says the flexible flagship will now arrive June 13. The news comes shortly after Samsung announced it had delayed the Galaxy Fold‘s release following reviewer complaints about broken displays.

Samsung was set to release the Galaxy Fold in the U.S. on April 26 but has chosen to postpone the launch while it investigates the current display issues. The company hasn’t provided a new Galaxy Fold release date, but AT&T has informed some pre-order customers (like The Unlockr‘s David Cogen) via email that it’s shipping in mid-June.

It’s likely the new release date provided is just an estimate, though. Samsung is said to be in the process of recalling Fold review units — it may not yet understand the cause of the problem or how long it will take to fix. AT&T may simply want to appease pre-order customers while it waits for official word from Samsung.

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Further, no other U.S. carrier seems to have advised the new shipping pre-order date, and Samsung is unlikely to have given AT&T this kind of exclusive.

The Galaxy Fold issues may be addressed in the coming weeks and we could see it Stateside this June, but I wouldn’t take this AT&T schedule as a hard confirmation.

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Source of the article – Android Authority