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Assistant is coming to G Suite accounts, starting with Google Calendar

Google right now is in the middle of Cloud Next 2019, where it dishes out info to developers on new features coming to Google Cloud. One of those features is the integration of Google Assistant in the G Suite (via 9to5Google).

This will allow business users within the Google ecosystem to access Assistant tools just like they would do for their personal accounts. Believe it or not, this wasn’t possible before.

The Assistant integration within the G Suite — which is currently in a beta state — will start with Google Calendar. Business users will be able to sign in using their G Suite account (i.e., not their personal account) and ask Assistant schedule-related things, such as “When is my next meeting?” and “Where is my next meeting?”

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Business users will be able to perform these voice queries on their Android smartphone, Google Home device, and other devices yet to be confirmed.

This new Assistant integration is rolling out to G Suite users starting today. However, since it’s in beta at the moment, you can expect a slow rollout with some bugs and inconsistencies at first. In other words, you should probably double-check your calendar manually for the time being just in case Assistant doesn’t work correctly.

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Source of the article – Android Authority