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Best iPhone earbuds

iPhones handle wireless audio a bit differently than Android smartphones. If you don’t get the right pair of iPhone earbuds, you may run into connectivity issues, lag, or low-quality audio. Rather than banging your head against the wall from endless trial and error, we looked at the best iPhone earbuds to make your decision easier.

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The best iPhone earbuds: Apple AirPods (2019)

iPhone earbuds - Apple new AirPods 2 outside of the case resting on a book.

The new AirPods 2 come after Apples great success with its first-gen true wireless offering.

Reasons to consider the new AirPods (2019):

  • The new AirPods (2019) use Apple’s latest H1 chip, which improves battery life and allows for hands-free Siri access.
  • They support AAC for high-quality, lag-free streaming.
  • An array of sensors are packed into the AirPods, so when they’re removed, music is automatically paused.
  • They work seamlessly within the Apple ecosystem.

Best battery: Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro

iPhone earbuds - Aerial image of the Beats Powerbeats Pro earbuds on a book adjacent to a Swiss Army knife and deck of cards.

The Powerbeats Pro have the same over-ear hook design as the standard Powerbeats, but they ditch the wire connecting them.

Reasons to get the Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro:

  • The Powerbeats Pro take everything great about the AirPods and improve upon their shortcomings. The ear hooks and distinct nozzles provide a stable fit and better audio quality than the AirPods 2.
  • Standalone battery life is the best of any true wireless earbuds around. You get 10 hours and 52 minutes of playback on a single charge.
  • These also use the H1 chip, meaning you get hands-free Siri access.

Best noise cancelling: Sony WF-SP700N

Sony WF-SP700N true wireless iPhone earbuds resting on glass surface.

The Sony WF-SP700N provide fine noise cancelling and a secure fit.

Reasons to buy the Sony WF-SP700N:

  • Sony’s noise cancelling earbuds are one of few options in the true wireless market.
  • They stay in place thanks to the various bundled ear and wing tips.
  • By downloading the Sony Headphones Connect app, you can prioritize connection stability or audio quality, EQ your music, and more.

Best sound: Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

Sennheiser Momentum True wireless earbuds on a phone.

It doesn’t use the latest Qualcomm radio features, but the connection of the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds is still quite good.

Reasons to buy the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless:

  • Although the Momentum True Wireless don’t offer many features, they reproduce clear, accurate audio which makes them some of the best iPhone earbuds.
  • They maintain a reliable connection and support both aptX-LL and AAC.
  • The build is lightweight, making them extremely comfortable to wear relative to the earbuds’ size.

Get your Sennheiser Momentum!

Best value: Creative Outlier Air

Creative Outlier Air true wireless earbuds with one in the case and the other resting just outside of it.

The Creative Outlier Air earbuds have the best battery life of any true wireless earbuds, support AAC and aptX, and include USB-C charging.

Reasons to buy the Creative Outlier Air:

  • For less than $80, the Outlier Air are the best value true wireless earbuds you can get.
  • They support both AAC and aptX for high-quality streaming regardless of what source device is used.
  • The IPX5 rating means they can withstand any workout save for swimming.
  • Battery life, while not as good as the Powerbeats, is impressive. You get 7.78 hours of playback on a single charge. Plus, the case charges via USB-C which is a rare feature at this price point.

What you should know about iPhone earbuds

  • When it comes to iPhones, the only Bluetooth codec that matters is AAC. If the iPhone earbuds don’t support AAC streaming, you’ll experience some audio-visual lag and lesser audio quality.
  • Battery life matters, but only so much. According to our previous poll, a majority of you spend between one and two hours a day listening to music. Although true wireless battery life is relatively poor, they should have enough battery life to satisfy most listeners.
  • A proper fit greatly improves audio quality. If your earbuds are falling out because the ear tips are too small, audio quality will suffer dramatically.
  • Some of these models received an IP certification. This means that they’ve undergone rigorous testing to ensure some degree of water-resistance. This is a must-have if you plan to exercise with them.
  • Although the H1 chip maintains a stable connection between compatible devices, true wireless connectivity is still shaky. Unless you get the AirPods or Powerbeats Pro, you’ll probably experience connection stutters. It’s annoying but par for the course.

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