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Best smart motorcycle helmets to smarten up your ride

Best smart motorcycle helmets. Crosshelmet.Helmets are the most important accessories a motorcycle rider can own. Not only will they keep your head protected, but the recent boom in smart motorcycle helmets has also turned them into great communication and entertainment tools.

The smart motorcycle helmet market is plagued with unsuccessful attempts. Companies like Skully have failed their Indiegogo backers. Nuviz had a great product too, but the company closed down and now customers are left with no support. You would be right to be wary of purchasing a smart helmet, as they also tend to be more expensive than traditional buckets.

This is why we have put together a list of the best smart motorcycle helmets around. We can’t make promises, but there is less of a guessing game with these, as they are mostly available for purchase right now and some come from reputable brands.

Best smart motorcycle helmets:

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best motorcycle smart helmets regularly.

1. Sena Momentum Inc Pro

Best smart motorcycle helmets. Sena Momentum Inc Pro.

Known for their Bluetooth communication devices, Sena has recently entered the smart helmet game full throttle. Their higher-end model is the Sena Momentum Inc Pro, and it comes packed with plenty of goodies.

The Momentum Inc Pro comes equipped with a QHD camera right on top. You could add a camera to any helmet, but that affects aerodynamics and convenience. This one is built in and ready to go. Other features include intelligent noise control, Bluetooth audio, group intercom, voice commands, and even music sharing. Of course, DOT certification also makes sure you are safe in the case of any accident.

These are not cheap at $699, but I know plenty of riders who pay much more than that for their helmets.

2. Sena Momentum Lite

Best smart motorcycle helmets. Sena Momentum Lite.

Need something a little cheaper from Sena? Their most affordable full-face smart motorcycle helmet is the Momentum Lite, and it is still a great option. This one comes with four-way intercom, Bluetooth audio, voice prompts, FM radio, and advanced noise control.

You sacrifice the camera, and some cool features, but maybe you can live without those if it means paying nearly half the price.

3. Skully Fenix AR

Best smart motorcycle helmets. Skully Fenix AR.

Skully comes back from the ashes with the Fenix AR. This time the helmet is improved and there is no funny business to deal with. The unit has been launched, leaving no need for pre-orders, registrations, or backing.

The Skully Fenix AR comes with a heads-up display, a rear-view camera, navigation, hands-free controls, connected audio, and more. It also comes with a hefty $1,899 price tag, but many believe this to be the best smart helmet around.

4. Quin Design Spitfire

Best smart motorcycle helmets. Quin Spitfire Rosso.

Quin Designs focuses on a simple experience, offering the basics you need to stay connected without getting distracted. In fact, its most notable feature is that it does, in fact, offer Bluetooth audio. The system is invisibly integrated and nothing affects its aerodynamics.

What separates the Spitfire from simple Bluetooth headsets are features like crash detection and SOS Beacon (live tracking). These will keep the rider secure and aided when most needed. As for build, the helmet is both DOT and ECE certified. Not to mention it’s one of the most affordable options in this list at just $360.

5. Crosshelmet

Crosshelmet smart motorcycle helmet

The Crosshelmet is likely Skully’s biggest competitor, as it has many similar features. These include a heads-up display and a rear-view camera. It also comes with a safety light, voice controls, and a design that looks like it came from a sci-fi movie.

It’s not cheap. You can reserve it for $699 on Indiegogo. A $1,050 payment is also required at shipping, making the final price at least $1,749.

6. Reevu MSX1

Best smart motorcycle helmets. Reevu MSX1.

The Reevu MSX1 isn’t exactly a smart motorcycle helmet, but it is still a smart buy. Its main feature is that it has a mirror system that essentially sends reflections through the top of the helmet, giving the rider a rear view.

It’s really cool in that it needs no charging, batteries, or apps. It’s a no frills helmet with a simple purpose, and it can be had for as little as $199.95 from Amazon.

Now you are ready to ride into the horizon with a smarter helmet than before! We’ll update this list of the best motorcycle smart helmets as more come to market.

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