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Confirmed: OnePlus Concept One is a concept phone coming to CES 2020

The OnePlus Concept One is coming.Supplied by OnePlus

OnePlus teased a “special event” at CES 2020, and earlier today it confirmed that it will show off the “OnePlus Concept One” at the event. Now, the company has revealed in a press release that the Concept One is indeed a concept phone.

“The name itself, Concept One, is a clear promise that this device is only the first in a series to come and shows OnePlus’ commitment to applied, innovative technology — bringing users an ever smoother, faster, and more ‘burdenless’ experience,” read an excerpt of the release.

“The OnePlus Concept One, demonstrates a vision of both new technology and alternate design approach for the future of smartphones.”

It’s interesting to see OnePlus say that this is the first in a series, suggesting that this will be a regular occurrence.

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For what it’s worth, Vivo previously revealed its Apex in 2018 and its Apex 2019 this year. The Apex phones didn’t see a commercial release though, but they contained a few features that landed on other Vivo devices (e.g. pop-up selfie camera and Sound on Screen).

At the very least then, the OnePlus Concept One might contain a feature or two that lands on future OnePlus devices. But it’s also possible that OnePlus decides to actually release the Oneplus Concept One as a commercial device, much like the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha.

What will the OnePlus Concept One look like? Give us your thoughts below!

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Source of the article – Android Authority