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Cyber Monday: Target Cisco certification for under $16

Cisco CCNA Training Suite

It’s Cyber Monday, and Tech Deals has pulled out all the stops with this Cisco deal. If you want an affordable way to train for the tricky Cisco exams and aim for a network engineering future in 2020, check this out.

The Cisco CCNA Training Suite was created by experts specifically to help you cruise through the two Cisco CCNA exams. With our promo code below, you can get this $400-valued prep package for under $16 right now.

Prepare to ace two Cisco exams.

This training is an introduction to the core principles of networking. Over 37 hours of content gives you an intimate knowledge of routers and switches, LANs and WANs, and many other networking concepts.

The knowledge you acquire from the practice labs can transfer to real-world uses as a Cisco or IT professional. It’ll also prepare you for any future networking certifications or computer science exams as well.

The Cisco CCNA Training:

There’s already a 90% discount on the training suite, offering you lifetime access to the materials for just $39. Better yet, plug in this promo code BFSAVE60 at the checkout to get the whole thing for only $15.60.

The promo code expires tomorrow, so sign up now by hitting the button below.

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