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Deal: AirSounds 2 are the affordable Bluetooth 5 AirPod alternatives

AirSounds 2 TrueWireless Bluetooth Earbuds Wide

AirPods are all well and good, but you’re paying a premium for the label. Instead, you can get a convincing alternative in the AirSounds 2 true-wireless earbuds, while enjoying the smug satisfaction of paying under $40.

As an improved version of the original AirSounds, these ‘buds have everything you need. Crucially, they offer Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, meaning twice the transmission speed and range of Bluetooth 4.0.

Auto-pairing and wireless charging

It doesn’t stop there. Other great features of these earbuds include auto-pairing, wireless charging, touch controls, and more.

You can enjoy up to four hours of blissful music on a single charge. The included charging case can extend that by a further eight hours, so even a day of heavy use should be no problem.

The AirSounds 2 at a glance:

  • Enjoy crisp Bluetooth 5.0 audio for up to four hours on a single charge.
  • Auto-pairing makes connecting easier.
  • Listen to your favorite songs without the hassle of tangled wires.
  • Wear them comfortably for longer thanks to their sleek, ergonomic design.
  • Use the touch controls for your tunes.
  • Get extra power on the go with the included portable charging case.

While the retail price may be $110, you can save big on the earbuds right now. During this promotion, you can pick up a pair for only $39.99.

The AirSounds 2 deal expires very soon, so hit the button below to see it.

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Source of the article – Android Authority