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Deal: Amazon Echo Show 5 cheapest it’s ever been (33% off)

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The Amazon Echo Show 5 is one of the best smart displays on the market. This affordable smart device is a great option for those just looking to get into Amazon’s Echo ecosystem or even for those whose homes are already riddled with Alexa powered smart devices. It’s functional, simple, fits in almost anywhere, and now the device is even more affordable than ever.

Customers can now pick up this small smart display over on Amazon for $60, which is $30 off the original price tag. The device was already a bargain at full cost, but now, at 33% off, it’s a downright steal!

The Echo Show 5 is basically a smaller version of Amazon’s more expensive Echo show. The only immediately noticeable difference between the devices is the speaker quality and the screen size.

Other than that, both devices can display the weather, stream videos, play music, and much more. This makes it perfect for your desk, kitchen, living room table, nightstand, or pretty much anywhere throughout your house. Plus, with the Echo Show 5’s smaller profile and much cheaper price tag, it won’t stick out as much as the larger Echo Show, neither physically in your home nor fiscally in your bank account.

Source of the article – Android Authority